Dance Like No One Is Watching, Speak Like Everyone Is Listening

Elisa Monte Dance Photo by Roy Volkmann

When it seems like no one is listening, just remember….

People are watching.
People are listening.
You are building relationships, and you don’t even know it.

Some people like to sit back and observe.

On Facebook, there are many people who never update their status. They simply go on Facebook, to watch and read about what other people are doing, and what’s going on in their lives, without revealing anything about themselves. I always find it interesting because, I actually forget that these people exist sometimes, until I run into one of them in real life and they ask me questions about something that I’m doing. Then I ask them, “how did you know about that?”, and their response is, “I saw your post on Facebook“. Then I am reminded that, people are in fact listening and watching.

What would you say if you knew no one was listening? What would you say if you knew everyone was listening? I’ve asked myself this question many times. I have to say that, I try to speak from the heart no matter how many people I think are listening or not. I am fully aware that once you put something in writing in cyberspace, it has potential to be viewed by anyone, anywhere, at any time, so I try to only put out things that I feel confident in and committed to, if I should ever have to explain myself.

On the other hand, I must admit, that for the most part, I imagine that I have hundreds of thousands of readers and listeners when writing for my blog or recording a vlog (video log). Simply because it helps me to ensure that there is high value in what I’m saying to you. I know that my readers’ and listeners’ time is very valuable, so I like to make sure that you’re getting something worthwhile out of spending time reading my blog and watching my videos online.

If you’re a dance studio owner, do you think about how valuable your parents’, students’, and potential new customers’ time is when you’ re posting updates on Facebook or Twitter? Do you treat your Facebook fan page like an e-mail newsletter with only updates about your studio’s classes and events? Every update that you post on your social media pages should be at least one of these at all times: informative, engaging, interactive, entertaining, inspirational, or problem-solving.

I think your Facebook fan page and Twitter account are a great opportunity not only to share what’s happening at your dance studio or dance business, but to also address other important issues. Online bullying has become an epidemic with kids of all ages today. If you have the attention of hundreds of kids and parents on your fan page, why not start a dialogue on this subject, and share ways to help kids and parents to deal with an issue such as this. Eating disorders, and unhealthy body issues are also prevalent amongst kids and teens, especially those who are dancers. Why not share some tips, advice, and dialogue about overcoming these issues, and offer some resources that people can access to get help with things like eating disorders, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.

I know this may seem a little morbid, but I just wanted to broaden your mind a bit on the many different topics and issues that you should be addressing through your social media pages, to take full advantage of having your customers’ complete attention for minutes or sometimes even a couple of hours a day.

If you knew that everyone was listening, what would you say? I have a feeling that you wouldn’t only talk about your latest dance class, product, or event. I think we should all (including myself), use social media to its best advantage, and say something of value. We have a unique opportunity to change the world. Let’s do something great through social media today!

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