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Social Media for Dance Studios – Using Facebook Wisely

Facebook is a very valuable social media platform that will allow you to connect with your current customers, as well as prospective customers in a big way, if used properly. There’s a good chance that you already know how to set up a Facebook page, since it’s about as easy as setting up an e-mail account. So for today, Day 7 in our Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, I will answer one very important question about Facebook:

Question: Do I need a separate Fan page for my dance studio/business if I already have a personal profile page?

Answer: YES!

You should absolutely keep your Facebook profile page and business page separate. This may seem obvious, but, it’s important to establish an online social media presence for your dance studio/dance business, that is separate and apart from your personal page. The types of updates that you’ll post on your fan page will of course be very different from what you would post on your personal profile page. This allows you a lot more control, and an opportunity to maintain a certain level of privacy and separation from your business, which is important.  You may suggest that your friends “Like” your Facebook fan page by clicking on the link under your fan page profile picture that says, “Suggest to friends”. However, generally speaking, it’s best to keep a definite distinction between these two types of Facebook pages.

For more information on keeping your Facebook profile page private, click here, http://finance.yahoo.com/family-home/article/109670/how-to-secure-your-facebook-account?mod=family-home.

If you have questions about social media for your dance studio or dance business please post it here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages, and join in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios. http://facebook.com/KinerEnterprisesInc or http://twitter.com/kinerenterprise

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