The Top 5 Most Powerful Ways For Dancers To Build Wealth – Part 3

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How I Got Started

When I first started my company, Kiner Enterprises Inc., three years ago, I was a very different person from who I am today, and had a completely different concept for my business. One thing that I felt strongly about at that time, was being invisible. I didn’t want people to know what I looked like, how old I was, my gender, ethnicity, nothing! I just wanted them to focus completely on the business name, and the services that we provided.

I loved that most of the communication was done over the phone and through e-mail, and that I was able to create a huge separation between myself, and the business.

You might be wondering, “why would I want to run my business this way?” Well, at the time, it was a brand new business, and for liability purposes, I wanted to protect my personal privacy from anything, God forbid, that might go wrong.

On top of that, I’ve been the victim of discrimination before, so I really wanted to keep my age and ethnicity a mystery, so as to prevent people from making a judgment about my business, based on what I look like.

Fast forward a little over three years, and I have done a complete 180, and am currently operating on the opposite end of the spectrum! I am the face of my company’s brand, and am actively building my own personal brand through social media, online videos, products, and live events (i.e. my new internet radio and tv show).

Dancer’s Wealth Building Tip #3:


In today’s world, having a face, a person, and a personality to associate with a brand is crucial to any brand’s success. Interacting with others, showing yourself to others, “coming out from behind the curtain”, has become expected. As uncomfortable as this may sound, it’s actually a good thing.

Your potential customers want to feel who you are, feel like you are relatable, accountable, and accessible. They don’t just want to see your professional side, they want to see your personality, your character, and connect with you on a personal (emotional) level. Branding yourself helps them to be able to do just that.


1) Blogging/Vlogging – A great way to get started with branding yourself is through blogging and vlogging (video blogs). Online videos are so powerful! People get to look you in the eye, observe your mannerisms, your body language, and develop an incredible level of trust and respect for you through online videos. Check out my latest inspirational vlog.

2) Professional Photos – Have some very flattering professional headshots taken that you can use online as you begin to build your brand and grow your following. Make sure that your post the same pictures across your social media pages and website, so that people will become familiar with your face.

3) A Custom-Designed Logo – It’s extremely important to have a logo that represents your brand across all of your communications online and in print. You want to establish a professional image, and a custom logo helps you to do just that. It’s worth the investment, and you can get one designed for less than $300.

4) A Company/Brand Name – Your brand’s name is really important, however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your actual name. My company’s name is my maiden name, Kiner, which I wanted to have as part of my late father’s legacy, since I knew that I would change my name once I got married, which I did. Your company’s/brand’s name can even be a phrase that represents your mission, values, creativity, or what you do. Have fun with it, make sure you have the legal rights to it so that no one else can use it, and buy every domain name possible associated with your brand’s name.

5) Your Own Social Media Accounts – Simply put, you need to be on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to start. Period.

How does branding yourself lead to you building wealth you ask?

Before people will pay you, they must first Know You, Like You, and Trust You. This is a must in order for you to build a brand that has credibility, and the ability to create wealth over time through products, services, an online community or membership site, consulting, etc.

The bottom line is this. Before I came from behind the “corporate veil”, my company was just another company. Now that I’m out for the world to see, my company has become well-respected, trustworthy, a community full of awesome people, and simply more personal. I’ve already experienced significant, and positive changes in my business, as a result of putting a face to my brand, and I know that the same will happen for you.

Have you been hesitating to put yourself out there? Have you ever created a video blog? Give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how positive the feedback will be, just because people feel more connected with you. I’m learning and enjoying this branding journey every step of the way. And the funny thing is, turns out that I absolutely love being on camera, talking to people, and allowing people to see who I really am. I bet the same thing will happen to you.

Do you have a personal branding or company branding story to share? Do you think it’s important for your customers to have an actual person to associate with your business? Please leave a comment, and share your ideas on how dancers (or anyone) can build wealth by building their personal brand.

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