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Social Media for Dance Studios - Facebook vs. Linkedin - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Social Media for Dance Studios – Facebook vs. Linkedin

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Day 52  in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios…

As I promised yesterday, today I’d like to share with you some of the differences and similarities between Facebook and Linkedin. It is important to understand what each social network has to offer you, and the differences between the two. Some of the things I list below are things that came up in the seminar I attended (see yesterday’s post for details), and I also added my own tidbits. Please read below to learn about some of the different features that Facebook and Linkedin have to offer.

Kiner Enterprises Inc. Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Features:

– B2B & B2C (business to business and business to customer).

– Business Casual.

– Able to create a Personal Profile Page (can be made private to only share certain information with non-friends).

– Able to create Lists to separate your Facebook friends, and choose who is able to see certain updates.

– Able to create a Fan Page for your dance studio (do not have to

Specify # of employees).

– Able to suggest your dance studio’s fan page to friends, add photos, videos, RSS feed from your blog, join our e-mail list tab, notes, and create events and invite people on Facebook to attend.

– Able to add your Facebook Fan Page box, or a “Like” box to your website or blog.

– Able to create and join groups (please note that some groups are private and you will have to be approved first in order to join).

– Able to see page insights, and statistics for who your fans are, their location, language, age, gender, etc.

– Able to receive updates on how many fans you gain each week, along with the number of interactions for your Fan page.

– Able to send updates directly to your fans.

– Able to connect your Twitter account.

– Able to promote your page with an ad.

Ashani Mfuko Linkedin Profile Page

Linkedin Features:

– B2B Only (business to business only).

– Business Professional.

– Able to create a Personal Profile Page (can make your profile public or private).

– Able to forward your profile to other connections on Linkedin.

– Able to enter your education, and awards, and membership associations.

– Able to easily connect with people who attended schools that you attended, who have worked for companies that you’ve worked for, or who are a part of an association that you are also part of.

– Able to add your resume.

– Able to add a photo for your profile picture only.

– Able to create a separate company page for your dance studio

(*must list # of employees).

– People are able to “follow” your company, and be notified of when new people are hired, or other information.

– Able to request and display recommendations.

– Able to create and join groups (please note that some groups are private and you will have to be approved first in order to join).

– Able to do advanced searches for prospects based on job title, locations, and industries.

– Able to connect to Twitter account.

– Able to add your blog feed.

Please keep these things in mind when creating a profile page, or a company page for your dance studio, and feel free to post any questions here that you may have about using Facebook or Linkedin to promote your dance studio.

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