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Have You Had Your Yearly Dance Check-Up?

Just like we get a yearly check up with our doctor, it’s very important that you give yourself a yearly dance check-up as well. This is important to prevent you from getting stuck in the all-consuming rut that so many dance studio owners, dance teachers, and professional dancers so easily fall into. This can also be referred to as your “comfort-zone” or “always doing what you’ve always done”. The danger of this state is that, many times we don’t even realize that that’s the state we’re in, unless of course, we give ourselves a yearly dance check-up.

If you own a dance studio, ask yourself these questions….

Does my dance studio have an active social media presence that uses the 5 social media marketing essentials to promote and grow my dance studio?

Have I updated/redesigned my dance studio’s website within the past 2 years?

Have I published at least one press release about my dance studio this year?

Have I tried at least one new form of online marketing to promote my dance studio this year?

Do I take advantage of non-traditional ways of communicating with my staff such as conference calls in lieu of in-house staff meetings?

If you are a dance teacher, ask yourself the following questions:

Have I been taking dance classes over the past 3-6 months in order to stay in shape, and stay on top of my game as a dance teacher?

Have I updated my music selections for my classes to ensure that I am up-to-date with the music my students like to listen to?

Have I thought about new techniques and strategies that I can use to help my students to reach new heights as dancers and as individuals this year?

Are you currently in a state of “knowing” but not “doing” for your dance studio or dance career?

Do you know what you should be doing, but find it difficult to put it into action?

Do you have so many great ideas that you don’t know where to begin?

Well, I have some tips for you to get you moving from knowledge to action!

#1 Pinpoint the main reason(s) why you’ve been stuck in a state of paralysis.

#2 Write down a list of the things you know you should be doing or would like to do.

#3 Choose one thing to act on immediately (as in, today).

#4 Come up with a plan/schedule on how and when you will begin implementing the other items on your list, and also the resources that are needed to put them into action.

#5 Determine if you need help to get it done, and if you do, Get Help!

If you’re looking for some more ways to get motivated for the year ahead, read, The Ultimate Motivation For Dancers, and get inspired!

What do you do to get motivated each year? What do you do each year to help yourself grow as a dance teacher, dance studio owner, or professional dancer? Attend conventions, take classes, read books? Please share your thoughts below. And also share this post on Facebook and Twitter so that other fellow dance professionals can have their yearly dance check-up too!

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