Why Do You Love To Teach Dance?

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We’ve been having fun with Facebook’s new questions feature to get more in touch with the minds and hearts of our Facebook fans, and specifically in this case, dance teachers on Facebook. So we posed the question, “What is your favorite part of being a dance teacher?” The answers that we received were diverse, yet all very genuine, and really got to the core of why we do what we do. Take a moment to reflect on why we dance teachers do what we do, and check out some of the responses that we received below.

“What is your favorite part of being a dance teacher?”

– Watching my students grow and improve.

– Sharing my love for dance with my students.

– Instilling confidence and discipline in my students.

– Re-inventing myself in others.

– All of the above!

“I teach to show the best of my influences and experiences that made the dancer that I ‘ve become. It’s my hope that through my influence, students will find the best in themselves through what I offer in class.” ~ Raymond “Spex” Abbiw

“Unlocking the potential in others to be great through making them aware of it in themselves.” ~ Alyssa Chloe

So what is YOUR favorite part of being a dance teacher? Leave a comment below, and share why you love what you do, and keep on spreading the love of dance today, and everyday! If you know other dance teachers who love what they do, please share this post with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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