Dance Teachers: How Can We Help You?

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As a dance teacher, I’ve always felt a very close connection to the worldwide community of  dance teachers because we all experience a lot of the same joys and the same struggles as well. When I first started my company, Kiner Enterprises Inc., I started it from a place of wanting to help other dance teachers in need. I was blessed to have gotten to a point where I was actually turning down jobs, because my schedule was jam-packed. But at the same time, I knew of so many other teachers that were looking for more work, and it just didn’t seem fair. So I wanted to become a connector, and help dance teachers to get access to the jobs that they needed, as well as other valuable resources to help create long, stable, and successful dance teaching careers.

But I need your help. I know that the best way to get the information that you need is to simply, ask.

So, today I’m asking…

Dance Teachers: How Can We Help You?

What do you need as a dance teacher, that you’re currently not getting?

– Access to more jobs?
– Higher-paying jobs?
– Medical/Dental Benefits?
– Paid-Time Off?

What type of information or resources do you need?

– Tax help?
– Financial Planning resources?
– Disability Insurance?
– Discounts on physical therapy or chiropractic services?

What type of financially beneficial resources or special deals would you love to have access to?

– Special discounts on dancewear/music for your classes?
– Discounts on travel/airfare/vacation packages?
– Discounts at certain grocers/retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or American Apparel?
– Opportunities to win cash, gift cards, or earn affiliate commissions?

Please give us your feedback in the comment box below, so that we can provide you with not only the best jobs in the dance teaching industry, but also offer you valuable resources and information that will make your life as a dance teacher even more enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding.

Please share this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so that we can get the most accurate information, and begin to offer you all types of special rewards for spreading the love of dance to so many people everyday!

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