Social Media Success for Dance Studios – The Best of Twitter Series Part 3

This is Day 41 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, and it’s also Follow Friday on Twitter. To learn more about Follow Friday, please click here. Today, and every Friday during our 90-Day challenge, I will recommend some of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. To see my previous recommendations, click here.

Today I’d also like to share a really great article, “The Art of the Follow”, from one of my Twitter pals, Jenise Fryatt. She created the Twitter hashtag #EIR, which stands for Engage, Inform, Retweet.  Learn all about #EIR here.

Here are my Follow Friday recommendations for today:

@lyksumlikrish – Jenise Fryatt, Creator of #EIR, Co-owner/Marketing Director Icon Presentations – audio, video, lighting for events/actress/mom/improv & yoga devotee trying to stay in the present

@lizkingevents – Liz King, Event Planning SUPERhero, Queen of Details, Social Media Obsessed Blogger & Speaker

– A passionate dancer/ singer/ actress, dance & fitness teacher, entrepreneur and Jill of all trades. I love people and life! 🙂 also @MsUnitedStates

@dance_teacher – The official twitter page of Dance Teacher Magazine

@elitedance – Promoting ballet and dance related digital media with lots of random weirdness mixed in.

I hope that you will learn some great tools from the articles that I linked to above by Jenise, and that you will enjoy getting to know these great people on Twitter. If you’re not already following me, my username is, @kinerenterprise.

For more specific tips and strategies for using social media to promote your dance studio, please join our online social media success resource center for dance studios today,

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