Why Do I Need Social Media for My Dance Studio (Dance Company/Dance Business)?

During this 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance, we’ll be answering 90 of your most pressing social media questions, and helping you to get a better understanding of the what, where, why, how, and when, of social media for dance. Since this is the 1st day of the challenge, we’re going to start off with this:

Question #1 Why do I need social media for my dance studio (dance company/dance business)?

Social media has leveled the playing field, and it gives you an opportunity to compete at a very high level online, no matter the size of your dance studio or dance business. I’ve checked out some great dance studio websites, and I’ve found that, no matter how “state-of-the-art” the website is, I’m always drawn to the “Media” or “News” pages. Why? Because I’m interested in hearing and seeing a different perspective about the studio. What’s the personality of the studio owner, the teachers, the students? What are the classes like? What types of atmosphere does the studio have?

People want more than just your class schedule, tuition fees, and teacher bios, they want to see you, feel you, and find out what other people are saying about your studio. They want to know why they should choose your studio over the studio down the road.

So, if a person goes to your site, and you only have the typical website “stuff” i.e., about us, class schedule, staff, contact us, tuition and policies, etc. Then they go to your competitor’s site and see links to their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages, where they click on and find comments from a number of Moms saying how great their studio is, or a video of their students dancing at a recital, or backstage at a competition. Suddenly, they feel more connected to your competitor’s studio, and are motivated to go and see what it’s like for themselves. God forbid your competitor has promotions or discounts offered to its Facebook fans or Twitter followers! Then you’re really in trouble!

Just think about this. You want to buy a home. Do you get the same feeling from a newspaper ad that you do from an online video tour of the home and the neighborhood? My point exactly.

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