The Top 5 Reasons Dance Studio Owners Need to Use Social Media

This is Day #10 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, and today I share with you the top 5 reasons you need to use social media:

1) Establish your studio as not only top of the line, fun, successful, and the best in your area, but, project an image that it is relevant, and up-to-date with the trends in the world of technology, and the internet. Plus, your clientele is heavily involved in social media, so you should be wherever they are!

2) It is a great way to reconnect with staff, parents, and students, that you may not have connected with otherwise. It’s also an easy way to highlight your studio’s talented staff, special events, and services, to those who may not ever go to your website.

3) Get real-time, free access to information and reviews on your studio. How are people liking your new Hip-Hop class/teacher? Should you offer a Summer Dance Camp? Why was there such low enrollment for that special dance workshop that you worked so hard to organize? You can chat with fellow parents during specific times on your Facebook or Twitter page, post questions or ideas for new classes or events at your studio, and get quick feedback. The list goes on and on…

4) Create videos of your students in class, at rehearsal, at competitions, or at the recital, and post it on your studio’s YouTube, Myspace, or Facebook pages. Your students/parents will be proud to share your videos with friends and family, and will very actively be advertising and promoting your studio, without even trying to! How great will you feel when you start to see those enrollment numbers at your studio going up?

5) The parents of your students are heavily involved in social media. It’s a fun, non-intrusive and practical way for you to keep them informed, find out what’s on their mind, get immediate feedback, and offer a very easy way for their referrals to gain access to you. You can save money on flyers, mass mailings, etc., and still get important information to your parents and students in real-time. “Will the studio be closing today due to extreme weather conditions? Check our Facebook/Twitter page for updates.” See where I’m going with this?

If you still haven’t realized that social media is the way to go to enhance your studio’s online presence, increase your studio enrollment, and develop stronger communication amongst your parents and students, then do a little investigating. Ask around and find out how many of your students, parents, and staff, have Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or YouTube pages, and make your own assessment. I’m sure you’ll find everything written here to be true.

Just remember to establish a clear purpose and strategy for the social media campaign for your dance studio, and be patient. In time, your studio will be one of many social media superstars, and grow exponentially as a result!

Good luck!

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