The Social Media Marketing Savior for Dance Studios (From the Video Evangelist)

Day #57 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios...

If social media marketing was a church, and I was a preacher, I think I’d be called the video evangelist, because I preach about the significance, effectiveness, and impact of videos all the time. And since I’m a “video evangelist”, it’s my job to get you to embrace my beliefs. If you don’t know a thing about video editing, and don’t have the time, energy, or desire to learn about it, then this is a place where you’re going to need to spend some of your dance studio’s marketing budget. This is crucial!

Here are some new ideas for using video to promote your dance studio. I hope that I will make you a believer.

1) Video of the month. Have your students dress up in different costumes, or with different themes, or even do funny skits, at your dance studio, and each month post your “video of the month” on YouTube, Facebook, and all of your social networks. You can even participate, and show your humorous side. Tag your students, and have fun with it! They will share it with their friends, their friends will talk about it, they’ll show their parents, people will share it on Facebook, favorite it, and comment on it on YouTube. People will be forced to come and check out your dance studio and find out what’s going on there, and how they can be a part of it. Your dance studio has now become a social media rockstar!

2) From the Dance Studio Owner…Post a monthly video message to your staff, students, or parents, where you address issues at your dance studio and how you are dealing with them. They don’t have to be anything negative, but if something serious is going on there that needs to be addressed, feel free to talk about it. Take this time to even say a special thank you to a parent, or staff member that did something special, or really helpful that month. This will draw people in, and help them to connect with you and your dance studio on a deeper level. Make it interesting, personal, and/or informative. Share it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

3) Share Your Experiences. Recently move into a new space? Talk about the joys and pains of this process, and the lessons you learned. Got new dance floors? Talk about that. Had a good experience with a particular vendor at a conference or convention? Share it. People across your social networks will view and share this video, and your dance studio’s brand awareness will expand.

4) Share Your Dance Studio Events. Did you have a party at your studio? Did you have a master class or guest/celebrity teacher at your studio? Make a video about it. Film them teaching, get feedback from the students, do a brief interview with them. Tag your students and the guest teacher on Youtube and Facebook. Share the video, and watch what happens.

5) Utilize your greatest asset! I’ve heard from many a dance studio owner that word of mouth is your greatest asset. If that’s the case, why aren’t you tapping into your greatest assets? Your students and parents! Get them on video, giving testimonials, or sharing their stories. What about, a “My Little Dancer’s Success Story” video series? Parents love to talk, about their own children that is! They won’t pass up an opportunity to give their child praise on camera, and have them featured in a special video on your blog, on YouTube, and your Facebook page. Do you really think that they won’t share that video with every single one of their friends and family on Facebook? They may even share it with their co-workers and employees. Can you say maximum exposure?

These are the types of things that people will be curious enough to want to watch, and will help to increase your dance studio’s exposure and brand awareness. If the video touches them, they’ll share it with others.

Bam! More exposure for your dance studio!

Can I get an Amen?

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