The Kiner Hour Radio Show Is Back! With A New Home, Day, and Time!

"The Kiner Hour - Let's Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko" Internet Radio Show logo
This is a very exciting week for us! Not just because it’s the first week of the year, and there is so much anticipation for all of the wonderful things to come this year. But this is also the week that our radio show, “The Kiner Hour – Let’s Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko” debuts for our second season!!

Our new season begins this Sunday, January 8, 2011! Our radio show has a new home, a new day, and a new time: Every Sunday, 7-8 pm EST, on Mission 101 Broadcasting!

This time around we’re making our radio show all about you! We will be live chatting during the show, having open discussions on various topics of interest to dancers, you’ll be able to call in from anywhere in the world, and talk to me, and our radio show guests! And of course, I’ll still be interviewing all of the movers and shakers in the dance industry, and giving you the inside scoop on how to be successful, healthy, and happy in your dance career!

So please tune in this Sunday (and every Sunday), from 7-8 pm EST, on, to “The Kiner Hour – Let’s Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko” radio show! Join the live chat, call in, and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!

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