How to Use Social Media as the #1 Communication Tool for Your Dance Studio

Are you very busy?Are you overwhelmed?

Do you wish you had more time to connect with your staff, students, and parents at your dance studio?

This is Day #24 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, and today there is one question that you should ask yourself in order to be on your way to social media success for your dance studio.

“How can I use social media to better communicate with and connect with my dance studio staff, students, and parents?”

Please pick the category that best describes you:

1) I am in constant communication and contact with ALL of the staff and students at my dance studio. I communicate with the parents at my dance studio everyday.

2) I communicate quite often with my staff, and interact with most of the students at my studio, but I wouldn’t mind being able to connect with them even more and build stronger relationships. I see most of the parents in passing, and mostly communicate with them when they have a question or concern.

3) Although I communicate with my staff quite often, it’s usually in a professional setting i.e. staff meeting, rehearsal, in the office, etc. I know all of the students at my dance studio, but I definitely haven’t had much of an opportunity or the time to get to know them and their moms and dads on a more personal level.

Well, guess what? Social media can help to improve all of these current relationships, and have an impact on your dance studio in a big way. As a dance studio owner, I’m sure that you’ve heard time and again, that it’s most profitable and beneficial to build stronger relationships with your current customers, rather than spending the majority of your time seeking out new customers. Why? Because you’ve already sold them once. They’ve already had an experience with your business, and a transaction has already been made. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to build on that experience, rather than try to convince a stranger who has no history with you. Of course that doesn’t mean that you should not be actively trying to bring in new customers. It simply means that you shouldn’t take for granted the importance of building on the very valuable relationships that you already have with your current customers.

Here’s how social media can help based on which category you fit into:

1) Since you already are constantly communicating with your staff, students, and parents everyday, take advantage of an opportunity to gain their support in your social media efforts. Ask them to personally suggest your fan page to their friends on Facebook, ask them to share or re-tweet your dance studio’s updates on their profile pages for more exposure. You may also use it as another means for them to communicate with you, and also communicate with other parents, students, and staff members at your dance studio, whom they may not get to see or talk to because they have classes on different days and times. Let your social media pages become an online hub of communication and connecting one to another between you, your staff, your parents, and your students.

2) Your social media pages are a great way to connect with and build stronger relationships with those people at your studio who you don’t typically have an opportunity to interact with in a meaningful way. Ask questions like, “how did everyone enjoy that guest teacher workshop that we had last Sat.?”, “we added new stereo equipment/new dance floors to all of the dance studios, did you guys notice a difference? Do you like it?”, or “What are your favorite classes here at Dance Studio X? Are there any classes that you want to take that we don’t currently offer?”. The list goes on and on, and the possibilities are endless. Social media is the way most people are communicating with their peers, family, and friends nowadays, so take advantage of this form of communication, and enjoy not having the communication limitations that you experience while at your dance studio.

3) The relationships that you share with your students, staff, and parents at your studio can sometimes get a little stale and stiff. Why? Because as the owner/director of your dance studio, there is a certain level of professionalism that you must maintain, and you also have to be the one to enforce the different rules and policies at your studio. Not to mention, you set the tone for the atmosphere at your studio. So, you of course have to establish a certain level of discipline, and structure, in order to keep your dance studio operating at its best. Doesn’t that all sound a little stale and stiff to you? In your case, you can use social media as a way to show your fun, relaxed, and personal side. Have fun with it. Post funny or interesting dance quotes or videos, give compliments to certain classes that you may have peeked into at the studio about how great they looked. Acknowledge students with good grades or perfect attendance. Put up posts wishing teachers a happy birthday, or congratulations for various accomplishments. You get the idea. Make it pleasant, light, and fun, and build up that structured, yet warm, and fun rapport that your studio has, through your social media marketing.

Just that easy, you’ve begun to improve the communication between you, your staff, your students, and your parents. Now, even if you don’t get to connect with them in person, you can still build those key relationships, and make your studio more successful by using social media as your #1 tool for communication, outside of your dance studio.

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