Kiner Enterprises Inc. Announces the 1st Online Social Media Success Training and Resource Center for Dance Studios!


PRLog (Press Release)Jun 09, 2010 – In Celebration of National Dance Week – NYC, Kiner Enterprises Inc. announces a new website,, the 1st  Online Social Media Success Training and Resource Center for Dance Studios. Kiner Dance Studio Success is a website specifically created to give dance studio owners all of the tools, techniques, and resources necessary to run their own, successful, social media campaign. is a membership site for dance studio owners, dance teachers, and dancers, and offers access to content of all types including teleseminars, videos, mp3’s, e-books, and much more! Additionally, members will have access to private social media coaching from CEO/President of Kiner Enterprises Inc., Ashani Mfuko.

Kiner Dance Studio Success will teach dance studio owners the in’s and out’s of social media marketing which include; how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Foursquare, as well as, how to promote your dance studio, increase your student enrollment, and find great teachers, using social media! Whether you’re a novice, or have thousands of fans and followers, this site will give you a quick and easy way to plan your social media strategy so that you can increase your revenue, your student enrollment, and enhance your dance studio’s online presence.

If you’ve ever wondered how to specifically use social media marketing to grow your dance studio, then this is definitely the site for you! The site is powered by C. Thomas coaching. “C. Thomas Gambrell is nationally acclaimed as a business success coach, author, and learning management system consultant. With his customized system and management, this online training center will give dance studio owners an enhanced knowledge of the best social media practices for their dance studio, and give them all of the tools and resources necessary to establish and maintain a successful social media campaign of their own”, said CEO/President of Kiner Enterprises Inc., Ashani Mfuko.

Last month, Kiner Enterprises Inc. announced the 1st ever 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, during which, the CEO/President of Kiner Enterprises Inc., Ashani Mfuko, answers 90 of your most pressing questions on how to use social media effectively to grow your dance studio, and offers 90 social media success tips, on the Kiner Enterprises Inc. blog,

When asked how she felt about being the 1st company to launch a site such as this for social media for dance studios, Mrs. Mfuko stated, “I’m really excited to be the 1st company to offer an online social media resource center for dance studio owners. I know that many of them are struggling with how to use social media in the best way possible to grow their studio, and I’m so glad to share all of my knowledge and experience in social media with dance studio owners all over the world. I recognize that there is a definite need for a comprehensive social media learning center like this one that specifically caters to the needs of dance studio owners. No one else has done it, so I knew that it was an opportunity to really make a valuable and positive impact on the dance world once again”.

In celebration of National Dance Week – NYC ( June 5th – 14th), Kiner Enterprises Inc. is offering a special, limited-time, free promotion to become a member of their social media resource center for dance studios.

Go to to become a member and gain access to all of these great resources for social media success for your dance studio.

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