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This past Monday, we hosted our weekly #LetsTalkDance Tweetchat, at our new time, 10-11 pm EST, and the topic of discussion was dance studio business and marketing. We discussed everything from, what it takes to run a successful dance studio, and what we look for when choosing a dance studio, to the most common ways people learn about a dance studio. It was an incredible discussion with a ton of dancers, dance teachers, dance studio owners, and dance administrators, and there was a lot of valuable feedback shared.

The discussion was so good, that I felt it was necessary to share some of it with you, here on our blog. The best way to be a part of the discussion however, is to join our weekly Let’s Talk Dance Tweetchat, every Monday night, 10-11 pm EST.

Here are the questions that were asked during the Tweetchat, along with a few of the awesome responses to the questions:

Question 1: What are the 3 most important aspects of a successful dance studio?

  • @kinerenterprise: Great teaching staff, great customer service, & a dance studio owner who creates a positive atmosphere.
  • @Morphing: 1) Quality of teachers  2) Accesibility 3) Dependability.
  • @SheenaJeffers: 1. The teachers  2. Atmosphere created  3. Separating for enjoyment & pre-prof tracks.
  • @HolaLolaD:  Good teachers, performances/showing face in the community, nurturing atmosphere.
  • @arteyco:  1. the quality of teachers team. 2. the quality of space 3. the excellence of the administration staff.
  • @SherronU: Knowledge: Experienced, qualified, passionate instructors that motivate & inspire!
  • @jordoncloud: Talented & creative teachers, a variety of class options, and a welcoming environment.

Question 2: When choosing a dance studio, what is most important to you? Rates, teachers, classes, etc.?

  • @mgon:  1. Location. 2. Teachers.
  • @chrismcdaniel08: For me the quality and progression of class is most important. As well as rates,unfortunately.
  • @morphing: Quality of teachers (STEPS) (Maggie Black).
  • @jordoncloud: Availability of modern classes is important to me. Also access to experienced teachers.
  • @seetdance: 1. location 2. the floor (has to be sprung or old timber) 3. natural light.
  • @chrismcdaniel08: Teacher credibility, company connections (where do graduates go afterwards?) And learning atmosphere.
  • @SheenaJeffers: Passion is contagious! I want teachers who adore and respect the art so deeply, that the studio is engulfed in that momentum!

Question 3: Where do you normally learn about dance studios in your local area? Facebook? Google? Youtube? Twitter, etc.?

  • @jordoncloud: I typically attend new studios based on referrals from friends. If a friend suggests a studio, I’m there.
  • @daniil: Recommendations of colleagues
  • @morphing: I depend entirely on “word of mouth” from dancers I trust. Tend to go to website, studio itself.
  • @chrismcdaniel08: Twitter has been AMAZING in getting word around.Word of mouth in the small but huge dance world goes far too!
  • @arteycoI learned very much of dance on youtube and on Twitter.

Question 4: What are some marketing tips for dance studios to grow their businesses?

  • @AngelaMaracle:  Have a great webpage where people can see what you do, what you offer.
  • @stylish_soul: Might be cheesy, but I think social media contests for free or discounted class cards are great.
  • @HolaLolaD: Some kind of new student promotion! And advertise everywhere.
  • @SherronU: (1)Personal Recommendations! ~Bring a friend!(2)WebSite/Internet Marketing (3) Community~ OpenHouse

Question 5: What is one thing that would deter you from taking classes at a particular dance studio?

  • @jordoncloud: I wont stick around if I sense negativity or rude personalities. Such a turn off.
  • @HolaLolaD:  Unhealthy competitive environment.
  • @mgon:  Rushed lessons that cannot be properly learned, thus enjoyed.
  • @morphing: Attitude of studio, attitude of studio reflected in students.

What do you think? Do you have anything to add? Post your comment below. And remember, we discuss different topics every week on our Tweetchat, so don’t forget to join the discussion every Monday night, 10-11 pm EST.

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