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One Obvious Way To Grow Your Dance Studio That You May Have Overlooked

“Look for opportunities beyond just the game you sat down to play. You never know who you’re going to meet, including new friends for life, or new business contacts.” ~ from the book “Delivering Happiness” by Zappos CEO, Tony Hseih.
What is the one thing that all small businesses have in common?

We all want repeat customers, referrals, and opportunities to reach new potential customers.

Did you know that dancers eat, drink, go out to restaurants, go to the movies, buy clothes, shoes, dvd’s, and even like to travel?

Of course you know that! It’s obvious, right?

Or is it?

Dance Studio Owners, it’s time to get creative when it comes to networking to build and grow your dance studio business. Connect and partner up with other small businesses in your area that offer products and services to your students and parents. Create business partnerships in your community so that you can offer special discounts to the students and parents at your school. Ask (on your Facebook page, or via a survey) your dance students and their parents, what local businesses they frequent the most, then contact those businesses with a proposal to work together. In exchange, you’ll post some signage at your dance studio, promoting their business, and the special discount for patrons of your dance studio, and they will do the same at their place of business. You could even take it a step further and create a discount card.
Brand Your Dance Studio With An Exclusive Discount Card

Have discount cards printed out, with the numbers 1-10 printed on them. Every time someone brings a friend to take one of your dance classes, you can whole punch their card, or mark it off in some way, and when they get to the #10, their 10th class is free. (This can, of course,  be done digitally as well.) This could work really well for open Hip-Hop, Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates classes at your studio, that may not require registration.

Doing Giveaways Gets People Excited

Do monthly giveaways, with your community business partners. Create trivia questions or contests that will get people excited about coming to your dance studio, and sharing it with their friends. Everyone loves to win prizes, and participate in contests, especially when the prize is something of great value. So think outside of the box, and find new and creative ways to promote your dance studio, and stand out from your local competitors.

“In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to continuously innovate, as well as make incremental improvements to your operations, always striving to make yourselves more efficient, always trying to figure out how to do something better. Use mistakes as learning opportunities.” ~ from the book “Delivering Happiness” by Zappos CEO, Tony Hseih.

No matter how great things are, there’s always room for improvement. Take some time this Summer to reflect on the following questions:

“How can I improve things at my  dance studio this year?”

“How can I connect with local small businesses to add value to my customer’s experience at my dance studio?

“What are my dance studio’s values, mission, and higher purpose?”

Once you answer these questions, don’t hesitate to print out your mission, values, and higher purpose, and post them up around your dance studio, in your office, and on your website. Let everyone know what your studio is all about, and keep it around as a reminder to you, and your staff, of why you do what you do everyday.

Do you have any other ideas or marketing strategies that you’ll be trying this year to breathe some new life into your studio for the upcoming season?

Do you think it’s a good idea to publicize your dance studio’s mission, values, and higher purpose?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below. If you found this post helpful, please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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