Master Teacher and Choreographer, Sue Samuels, Brings Jazz Dance Back To The Forefront

Sue Samuels, Master Jazz Teacher and Choreographer, and Founder of Jazz Roots Dance Company

Sue Samuels, Master Jazz Teacher and Choreographer, will be a featured guest on the internet radio/ show, “The Kiner Hour – Let’s Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko“. Sue will talk about all things Jazz, how much of Jazz has been lost in today’s dance culture, and how she’s bringing it back to the forefront through her dance company, Jazz Roots Dance Company. Learn all about Sue’s personal story of being a dance studio owner, teacher, choreographer, and Mom, and how she’s managed to balance it all successfully, over the past few decades.

Tune in to the show on Tuesday, Feb. 1st, 2011, 7-8 pm EST on, or watch the live stream on at, You may also call in live to talk to Sue and Ashani at, 877-480-4120.

The Kiner Hour – Lets Talk Dance With Ashani Mfuko“covers hot topics in the dance world, the business side of the dance industry, how to be successful in the dance industry, health and wellness, and how to stay positive and motivated as a dance studio owner, dance teacher, and professional dancer, with special guest interviews from dance-industry leaders. Ashani Mfuko is a professional dancer, dance instructor, media personality, and the CEO of Kiner Enterprises Inc. Learn more about the show here!

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