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How to Use YouTube Search Stories in Social Media for Your Dance Studio - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

How to Use YouTube Search Stories in Social Media for Your Dance Studio

Day 39 in the 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios

It is totally a coincidence and yet very ironic that yesterday’s blog post, “Social Media for Dance Studios – Is Online Search Your Enemy?”, was about making sure your dance studio’s online presence is search-friendly, and yesterday a friend of mine shared this wonderful new feature from YouTube and Google with me called “Search Stories”. I guess that is confirmation that I am totally on the right track!

YouTube Search stories was created by Google to allow you to create your own short video using google search terms, as a way to tell your story. It’s really easy too. Go to, http://youtube.com/searchstories. Click on, “create your own”. Then you just enter in the search terms that you’d like to feature (for example, I started off with Kiner Enterprises Inc., my company’s name), and you can choose what type of visual you’d like to be used to highlight that particular search term. You can choose from a web search, images, maps, news, blog search, product search, or books. Once you’ve picked all of your search terms, and visuals ( you are able to preview what each one will look like by clicking on the preview icon), you are able to choose from a variety of music options for your very unique search story video.

Once you’ve done all that, you get to view the full preview, upload it to your YouTube page, and begin sharing it on all of your social media pages, and even your website if you choose.

This is a great move by Google, and a really cool feature to add to your video archives, and simply a wonderful marketing tool. Again, I have to say that, I feel like this is really confirmation, and the ultimate support of my argument from yesterdays blog post. If you didn’t see the significance of your dance studio having a search-friendly online presence and being able to tell a story through an online search before, you should definitely see it now!

I created two different search story videos. One for my company (above), and one for myself (below). I hope that you will take the 5 minutes it takes to create a video like this, create one for your dance studio today, and use it as another marketing tool for your dance studio through social media.

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