5 Positive and Powerful Ways to Use Video in Social Media for Dance Studios”

With the circulation of many YouTube dance videos (good and bad) everyday, video has had a tremendous impact on the way dance studios use social media. Here are 5 positive and powerful ways to use video as part of your dance studio’s social media marketing.

1) Showcase Your Dance Studio Facility – Have a beautiful studio space? Show it off! A video walk-through/tour of your studio is better than photos anyday! Just think of buying a new home. Millions of people watch video tours of homes online before actually going to visit them. People like to see what things look like in order to determine if it’s a place worth going to. So, win over your new customers before they even arrive at your dance studio.

2) Get it from the horse’s mouth – Okay, they may not be horses, but the Moms (and Dads) at your studio are some of your best advertisement. Create video testimonials with some of the parents from your studio talking about why they love your studio so much. You will officially take “word-of-mouth” to the next level.

3) Your Students – Videos of your students’ recitals, performing at competitions, in class, or even in rehearsal can be great advertisement. It gives potential customers an inside look at your studio, and shows them what makes your studio unique and different from the studio down the road.

4) Your Staff – It’s nice to have bios and photos of your staff on your website. But it’s even better to have videos of them teaching their classes, interacting with students, and talking about how great it is to teach at your dance studio.

5) You!! You, as in, the studio owner. You’d be surprised how many people choose a dance studio based on what they see, hear, or feel about the owner of the studio. As the owner, you set the tone for the studio. Wouldn’t it be great to have a “Meet the Owner” video? You can share your passion for your studio, how/when it got started, and talk about all of the great programs you have. People will feel much more comfortable signing up for classes at your studio when they feel like they already know you and your staff.

Videos can take your dance studio social media marketing to the next level. Do it today, and see the difference. Watch the 5 Social Media Marketing Must-Haves for Dance Studiosvideo to learn more.

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