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Fighting Your Fears in Social Media for Dance Studios - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Fighting Your Fears in Social Media for Dance Studios

Day #11 in the Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios

Everyone knows that there’s always been this unspoken sense of secrecy amongst dance studio owners, as they’ve tried to keep their information private, and inaccessible to their competitors. There’s always been that fear that if your competitor knows too much about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it at your studio, then they of course may try to copy you and do the same, and ultimately “steal” some of your students. The reality is that, this type of thing has happened before. People who have worked at the same studio, or even co-owned a studio together, have at some point become each other’s competitors. Although this situation is not an ideal one, it’s a part of life. So, the question is, how do you deal with it?

Are you afraid to get involved in social media because you think you’ll be giving away too much valuable information about things at your dance studio, and giving a competitive edge to the dance studio down the road? Well, I have a few things to say on this subject…

1) If you let fear control your actions, you’ll never reach your full potential as a person, or as a business owner. Ever have a friend or a partner that was always afraid of their partner cheating on them or leaving them? That fear controlled their every thought and action. Having that fear didn’t do anything but drive them crazy, and possibly lead them to the exact outcome that they didn’t want. I would say, do not focus on the, “if I do this, then they’ll do that” and so on. Your entire focus should be on doing your best as a dance studio owner, hiring and retaining great teachers, encouraging your students, and creating a fun, structured, and warm learning environment for your students.

2) The information that you want to keep a “secret” is already very much so accessible to your competitors, so you might as well forget about it. Don’t think of social media as a way to overexpose information about your studio. Think of it as a way to highlight what makes your dance studio unique, a way to reach prospective customers, and a way to connect with people, and share the passion that you have for what you do. That’s what will attract people to your business.

3) Use social media to your best advantage, and shut down your competitors. You know how you shut down your competitors? By being You!! The term “shut down” in this case means, to stand out in a big way, not force their business to close down. I’ve said it many times before. If there’s a need in the market for something, there’s room for many people to benefit from that need. I’ve written several articles on how to utilize social media to promote and market your dance studio, and in everything that I’ve suggested, you and your dance studio are the stars. Even if there were 5 studios in your town, all with the same name, there’s still something that would be distinctly different about each and every one of them.

Face your fears today, and don’t let them control you. This is the information age. Don’t fight it, use it to your advantage and watch your business flourish as a result.Join the challenge, and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter:

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