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What You Don't Need To Know About Social Media for Your Dance Studio - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

What You Don’t Need To Know About Social Media for Your Dance Studio

Today is Day 83 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios. Today I’d like to paint a little picture for you that will explain why sometimes, less knowledge is more, when it comes to social media for your dance studio.

Imagine that your in-laws are coming into to town to visit, and you know that they love Thai food. You want to take them to a few of the best Thai restaurants while they’re in town visiting. You reach out to your good friend, “the foodie” via e-mail, to inquire about which Thai restaurants he would recommend. He e-mails you back with a list of 50 Thai restaurants in your local area. Was that helpful to you?

Imagine, you have a new customer at your dance studio, who wants to sign his daughter up for dance classes. He asks you what classes you’d recommend for his daughter who is 6 yrs old, has some natural talent, is flexible, energetic, and very passionate about dance. You hand him a list of the 15 different types of dance classes you offer at your dance studio, and walk away. Were you helpful to him?

I’ve personally had a very unique and interesting experience in my business of staffing dance studios. When a dance studio owner contacts my company because they need to hire a dance teacher, we don’t send them 30 teachers to meet and interview. That’s not why they contacted us. They contact us because they need someone to streamline, and give them the best of the best, without them having to choose from a ton of different candidates. One hundred percent of the time (thus far), whoever we send to them to interview, they hire. That is typically only one person.

I say all this to drive this point home. You don’t need to know everything about social media. You don’t need to know about every App that exists, every new social network, or new social bookmarking site that comes onto the scene. You don’t even need to be involved with more than three or four social media websites, for that matter. Most importantly, you definitely don’t need to pay someone to manage your social media marketing for you. You can absolutely do it yourself.

What you need to know is the basics of social media. Then streamline your efforts on a few specific sites to maximize your impact. Finally, get connected to a resource that will keep you up-to-date on only the things that are most important to your dance studio’s social media marketing plan. Anything more than that is just junk taking up space in your brain, or eating up your very valuable time everyday.

So don’t worry yourself about not knowing enough about social media. As long as you know the basics, you’re good to go. In the case of social media for your dance studio, less is more.

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