Kiner Enterprises Inc. Dancer’s Blog Weekly Recap

It’s time for a weekly recap of our latest blog posts. I’m bringing them all to you in one post, in case you missed one or two over the past week. These posts should challenge you, motivate you, and help you to be open to new resources and opportunities that exist for you and your dance business today.

It’s time to get motivated, get energized, try new things, be fearless, and spread the love, joy, and passion that we have for dance, and for our businesses. Make a difference today, move closer to your goals, and feel free to share the articles below and leave a comment if they inspire, challenge, or motivate you in any way.

The Most Controversial Issue Amongst Dance Studio Owners and Dance Teachers

The Ultimate Motivation for Dancers

Have You Had Your Yearly Dance Check-Up?

Social Media for Dance Studios – Why You Should Be Using Foursquare

The Top 10 Most Valuable Resources on Twitter

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