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The Business of Dance, With Special Guest, Laurie M. Taylor, Tonight On The Kiner Hour Radio Show - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

The Business of Dance, With Special Guest, Laurie M. Taylor, Tonight On The Kiner Hour Radio Show

Ashani Mfuko (left) with Laurie M. Taylor (right) at The Kiner Hour Radio Show's 1-Yr Anniversary Breast Cancer Charity Event (Oct. 2010)

Tonight on The Kiner Hour Radio Show, Special Guest, Laurie M. Taylor, Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Director, and Entrepreneur Plus, a discussion about the business of dance, and how dancers/dance companies can leverage business practices, and social media marketing to build long-term success!!

The live show begins at 7 pm EST on http://mission101broadcasting.com!

Laurie M. Taylor is a dancer/choreographer in New York City. She has performed in works by master artists such as Milton Myers of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Helen Jones of the Toronto Dance Theater, and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar of Urban Bush Women Dance. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from Howard University, a Dance Minor and a Certificate of Dance Training from the Ballet Creole School of Performing Arts in Canada. Laurie is a member of Nicholas Leichter Dance, Francine E.Ott/The Walk and has performed with an array of music and dance artists from around the globe. Laurie’s choreographic essence focuses on musicality, spiritual and physical honesty and has led her to create works for Darin Atwater’s “Soulful Symphony,” The Olatuja Project, DUMBO Dance Festival and many more. Following a series of residencies at New York University, University of Minnesota and Queensborough College, she has begun sharing her knowledge of dance as an adjunct professor at Lehman College in New York this fall. Laurie is also the CEO and Artistic Director of Soul Movement Productions, a dance company and arts consulting firm.

As CEO of Soul Movement Productions (SMP), Laurie works tirelessly towards revamping and inspiring new models of self-produced contemporary dance projects OUTSIDE of the traditional funding and systemic status quo of the dance world. SMP has propelled her and many others to be a catalyst for change in producing work that speaks to this.

Tune in, and call in live at 917-267-8924, and join the party, 7-8 pm EST on http://mission101broadcasting.com!! Please Share!

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