How To Make Your Customer Service Amazing Plus, Music Licensing for Dance Studio Owners

Word-of-mouth is now more powerful than ever, due to social media. Excellent Customer Service Reigns Supreme!

This morning I came across two really fantastic articles online that I just had to share with you! One shares an interesting story of excellent customer service from As you know, if you own a business, whether it be a dance studio, or any other type of business, great customer service is key. With the popularity of social media, good or bad customer service news, can spread like a wildfire online. So this article is definitely one that you should take time out to read.

How To Make Your Customer Service Amazing

The second awesome article I came across this morning was shared by Nichelle Strzepek from Dance Advantage, and it’s a post on the Dance Buzz blog about music licensing for dance studio owners and dance teachers. It is very informative, and full of extensive research, and will offer you specific answers to your questions about music licensing for recitals, performances, and dance classes in general. It’s a must read!

Studio Owner Buzz: Music Licensing FAQ

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