The Top 5 Most Effective Ways To Make A Tough Decision

This year I made a very difficult decision. I decided that my company’s business model wasn’t working in a way that I felt committed to and excited about continuing over time. As a result, I made some significant changes, and made an announcement that, we would no longer be offering our dance teacher staffing service in the same way that we had been doing over the past three years.

No more of us sending out last-minute subs to dance studios when they’re in a bind, or setting up interviews with dance teachers and dance studio owners for long-term teaching jobs. No more taking responsibility for the actions of others that sometimes prove detrimental to the company, by no fault of our own. No more.

It’s a new day, and it was time for a change. We have now created an online community here on this blog, for dance studio owners, and dance teachers to connect directly to one another and build professional and personal relationships in a more convenient, and direct way. Learn more about it here.

How did I finally make this difficult decision?

Here are my top five ways to make a difficult decision:

1) Seek Peace. After a year of contemplation, I literally felt uneasy for about a week straight, and it intensified everyday, until I decided to stop what I was doing, and really sit quietly, and address the feelings that I was experiencing. When things aren’t quite right, you won’t have any peace. Do whatever it takes to get your peace back.

2) Do a Self-Assessment and Evaluation. I watched and took note of some of my personal habits, feelings, and patterns as it related to various aspects of running my business. What I noticed was, the areas that I would procrastinate in or not follow through with, were the very areas that I did not enjoy any longer, and had no passion for. I also wrote down my personal and business goals, straight from the heart, and realized that they weren’t the same as they were three years ago. So that just proved to me that it was time to make a change.

3) Seek Sound Advice. Once I came to my decision, I spoke to those around me that I respected, to get their feedback, and I was amazed. My husband’s response was, “I knew you were feeling that way, and tried to tell you to make this transition a long time ago.” Classic, huh? My other confidantes that I spoke with were so supportive, agreed with me 100 percent, and began sharing great ideas on how I can build things going forward, based on my brand new business model.

4) Take Action. Although my decision to restructure my company’s business model was the right decision, it was also a difficult one. I struggled with questions like, “what will people say?”, “what do we do next?”, “how do we build on this foundation that we’ve already established, in a smart and beneficial way?”. You’ve got to ask yourself the tough questions, and also answer them! And ultimately, take action.

5) Start Fresh. Since making this decision, I’ve allowed myself to have a brand new vision and open mind about what direction I want my company to go in. No limitations, no expectations, nothing but an open forum where new ideas can be cultivated, explored, and allowed to grow. This is one of the benefits of making a tough decision. Once you make it, you’re free to create something new and different, with no limitations.

So, what has happened since I made this difficult decision? Well…I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I have peace, I’m happier, and I feel free. I am more passionate than ever about our new business model, and expanding the company in ways that I’d never even imagined before. Amazing new business opportunities have begun to open up, and I know that more growth and success are on the way, simply because I will be focusing solely on the things that I am truly passionate about.

So really, the hardest part of making a difficult decision, is accepting the fact that you have to make it. Everything else after that, is gravy. What you’ll find is that, after you’ve made that tough decision, the fun really begins.

Are you struggling with making a hard decision today? Have you ever been in a situation like this? How did it turn out?

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