How To Grow Your Dance Studio With E-Mail Marketing

Use E-mail Marketing To Your Advantage

E-mail marketing is a wonderful and powerful way to acquire new customers, keep your current customers interested and excited about all of the things happening at your studio, and also reconnect with your old customers. E-mail marketing should absolutely be a part of your dance studio’s marketing strategy.

Getting Started…

First and foremost, I recommend doing an e-newsletter. You can do it as often as once-a-week, or just do a monthly newsletter. But this is super important! Your newsletter should contain information about your latest dance studio news and events, plus special promotions and discounts, but you can do even more than that.

Highlight and showcase all of the wonderful things about your dance studio’s faculty, students, and special events in your monthly e-newsletter. Besides keeping everyone up-to-date on what’s happening, it’s also very easy for your customers to share the newsletter with their friends/family (your potential new customers) with the click of a button. It’s also a good record of your studio’s history that can be archived on your website or blog, and also used for press announcements or features.

Maximize Your E-Mail Marketing Efforts

Add a special element (or two) to your newsletter that highlights the uniqueness of your dance studio, and draws the parents and students in, and encourages them to share your newsletter with their friends and family. This can be anything from a “Student of the month” highlight, or even “Parent of the month”. You can have testimonials, or a funny or inspirational story as part of your newsletter.

The point is to get creative, think outside the box, and build a list of loyal customers who want to stay in contact with you through e-mail. Be sure to offer some sort of incentive for signing up for your mailing list, like a free class or t-shirt, or some sort of discount. You may even consider offering coupon/promotional codes strictly to those who sign up to receive your e-newsletter.

I recommend Aweber for e-mail marketing. That is the company that I currently use, and they are awesome! They offer so many features and options to help you build your e-mail list, stay in touch with your customers, and make your newsletters easy to share on social-media. (Other e-mail marketing companies include, MailchimpConstant Contact, and Vertical Response.)

Today’s Checklist:

– Are you using e-mail marketing as part of your dance studio’s marketing campaign?

– Do you have a form to join your mailing list on your website?

– Do you have a form to join your mailing list on your Facebook fan page?

– Do you send out a weekly/monthly e-newsletter?

Today’s To Do List:

– Sign up for an e-mail marketing service. I recommend Aweber.

– Add your mailing list sign-up form to your website. (Instructions are available on your e-mail service provider’s website.)

– Add your mailing list sign-up form to your Facebook fan page. Learn how to do that here.

– Begin sending out a monthly/bi-weekly/weekly e-newsletter.

Do you use e-mail marketing for your dance studio? How has it worked for you? Have questions about e-mail marketing? Post your comment below.

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