5 Deadly Thoughts on the Road to Success

Near the end of ’09, I partnered up with C.Thomas Gambrell, of C.Thomas Success Coaching, to host a teleseminar entitled, “Dance Your Way Into Business Success”. Two of the major components that we discussed, as it relates to being successful, were the ideas that, “You Are Your Big Break”, and “You Must Face Your Fears”. If there’s one thing that many of us have learned in the current economy it’s that, waiting for someone else to make you successful or to create opportunities for you, is a complete waste of time, and will only prevent you from reaching your goals and dreams.

I believe that when it comes to your life, your career, or your business, you can not afford to be passive, or a bystander, and expect others to recognize your talents and create the blueprint for you that lead to success and prosperity. Only You can do this.

Here are 5 Deadly Thoughts on the Road to Success:

1) There just aren’t any opportunities out there.
2) I don’t have the money.
3) What if I fail?
4) No one’s ever done it before.
5) I don’t even know where to start.

Here are my responses to these statements:

1) “There just aren’t any opportunities out there.” – Yes, there are. If you feel this way, you probably need to do more research, and even enlist the assistance of someone else to help you. If the opportunity isn’t there, then that’s even better! That means that you can be an innovator, and create something completely new!

2) “I don’t have the money.” – With the internet, do-it-yourself websites, and the explosion social media, which is totally free, you don’t necessarily need a ton of money to get started. Now granted, I don’t recommend starting a business with no capital, but, don’t let that minor obstacle stop you. Save up, get creative, start small, and go from there.

3) “What if I fail?” – There’s a good chance that you will. Let me rephrase that. There’s something called a “learning curve” in business, which is basically a fancy way of saying, “I failed a bunch of times along the way, and learned from my mistakes.” Remember, failure is not permanent. It is part of a learning process. There’s ALWAYS a way to bounce back from failure, and the main way is, get up and try it again (a little differently).

4) “No one’s ever done it before.” – This is a no-brainer! Obviously, that means that there’s a great opportunity for you to do something really special. And guess what, since you have no competition, you have a really great advantage! What are you waiting for? Do a little market research to find out if people would be interested in your idea, and discover if it’s a viable concept or not.

5) “I don’t even know where to start.” Ok, this is a tough one (Not!), so let me help you…grab a piece of paper, and a pen, or better yet, go to your computer, and put on paper what your ideas are. That’s how you start! After that, ask yourself the Who, What, Where, Why, and How about your idea; Who would be interested in this product/service? What will it be used for? Where will people go to access this product/service? Why would potential clients be interested in this product/service? How will I market it to my target audience?

See, how easy that was? Now you’re on your way! I would also recommend doing some soul-searching to determine the motivation behind your particular idea. Is it something that you’re passionate about? Are you good at it? Do you have a lot of knowledge about that particular industry? Do you think it’s a way to make some fast cash? Are you willing sacrifice and deal with the stress, instability, and pressure that you may have to face along the way?

Answer these questions, and don’t be afraid! Step out on faith, and walk in your purpose. Anything less would not only be sad, but boring!

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