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Mondays have surprisingly become one of my most favorite days of the week since I started sharing an inspirational video with you every Monday. In case you’ve missed some of the past inspirational videos, you can view them here.

Today’s video comes from a very successful internet entrepreneur, and personal development coach, the one and only, Katie Freiling. Katie is someone who I’ve grown to love and admire, and has inspired me in many, many ways. In this week’s inspirational video, Katie talks about “A Gratitude Exercise For Increased Happiness And More Abundance”. I thought this was a video that would be great to share as this is the week of Thanksgiving, and we’re entering into the holiday season. Having an attitude of gratitude is really essential to being happy, and also to reaching your goals and being successful.

So check out the video, and be sure to do the exercise that she describes in the video. Please leave a comment below to let me know what you thought about it, and share what you’re grateful for today.

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