There’s No “I” in Team or in Dance

I’ve experienced a new and wonderful phenomenon over the past 9 months, and it’s all because of social media. Through Twitter, Facebook, and my company’s blog, I have connected with so many dance professionals, business owners, and service providers, and found that we all have something in common. We recognize the value of collaborating with others in our field, and building relationships through social media, not only for our own benefit, but to help many other dance businesses prosper. It’s really a beautiful thing!
It was shocking to me at first because, normally, when I think about the dance world, I think about a serious competitiveness, and even a little secrecy, because you don’t want the dance studio or teacher, or company down the road to know what you’re doing and try to copy or even “steal” it. I guess the Internet really changed things, because nowadays, there’s such tremendous exposure and information out there, you’re better off contributing to that information, than trying to keep it a secret.

One thing I’ve learned is that, whether in the dance industry or otherwise, if there is a need in the market for something, there’s room in the market for many people to prosper from that need. Your job is to simply embrace unique and interesting ways to reach your target market.

I’ve also realized that collaborating, with other related businesses in your market, creates an atmosphere of awareness, success, education, prosperity, and opportunity for everyone involved. We can do so much more together, than we can do alone. Obviously we know that competition does exist, but I always say, “while you’re minding someone else’s business, who’s minding yours?” Your life strategy as a professional dancer, teacher, or business owner can not solely be about watching what others are doing, and trying to beat them at their own game. Your focus should be competing with yourself, offering the best you have to offer, providing value, and that unique twist that only you have, because there’s only one you.

For those who maintain the mentality that they’re better off staying in their own box, and not participating in social media, and connecting with others, I think that they will find that over time they will be left behind, and become extinct. I truly believe that the more the dance world comes together, via social media, or otherwise, the more successful, prosperous, and impactful we will be as an industry. As they say, there’s no I in team, or in dance.

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