New Dance Television Show: Calling All Dance Performers In New York City!

Ashani Mfuko, Executive Producer of "Inside New York City Dance" and Host of The Kiner Hour Radio Show

A brand new dance television show is coming on to the scene, from Executive Producer and host of The Kiner Hour radio show, Ashani Mfuko. This new television show will give you an inside look at the dance scene in New York City, from the eyes of a New York City native, and professional dancer who is in touch with heartbeat of all things dance in New York City!


The show will feature some of the hottest dance events happening in New York City, dance performances/events, and in-depth interviews with some of the top dancers/choreographers in New York City! It’s time for a dance television show to highlight all of the wonderful, and positive things that are happening in the center of the dance world in New York City! And we’re proud to be the ones to do it!


The show goes into production this Spring, and will broadcast on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). Residents within the five boroughs of New York City will be able to watch the show through their local cable network. Individuals outside of New York City will be able to watch the show online. The show will be filmed at MNN Studios, located in Midtown Manhattan.


If you are a dance performer, or have a dance company/crew, and would like to be featured on our new tv show, please submit the following, by March 1, 2012:

– Your name, contact information, and bio.


– The name of your dance company or crew.


– The number of dancers in your company or crew.


– Your website.


– Your Youtube channel and/or video links to your dance performances/choreography.


– Have you ever performed on television before?


Please e-mail the information requested above to by May 1, 2012.


If you know of someone who may be interested in performing/being featured on our tv show, please share this post with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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