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Inspirational Video of the Week - Dance Life TV's: Male Voices - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Inspirational Video of the Week – Dance Life TV’s: Male Voices

Dance Life TV's Male Voices, Episode 1: "Confessions"

Rhee Gold is the publisher of Dance Studio Life magazine and the producer of DanceLifeTV.com. As the dance field’s first motivational speaker, he has traveled the world presenting motivational and business seminars, as well as keynote addresses for conferences and conventions. He recently produced a new online documentary miniseries called Male Voices: Featuring the boys of The Gold School.

This documentary series addresses the struggles, stereotypes, and triumphs of young male dancers, and gives an inside look at their lives inside and outside of the dance studio. It is a powerful, eye-opening, and inspiring documentary. Please take the time to watch the very first episode, entitled, ‘Confessions’ (below), and share this post with your dance students, children, friends, and family, via Facebook and Twitter.

You may view Episodes 2 and 3 on the Dance Life TV website, by clicking here.

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