Higher Education for Dancers: Fact or Fiction

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Don’t go to college for Dance! Get out and Dance while You’re Still “Young”!


I remember teachers who told me not to go to college, because by the time I graduated, I’d be too “old” to have a successful performance career (Wow, since when is 21 old?).



My B.A. in Dance helped me to acquire/obtain the necessary qualifications to not only be a great dancer/performer/choreographer, but also to be an educated dance instructor for my students. Many dance studios and schools are more inclined nowadays to hire a dance instructor with not only a strong performance/teaching resume, but also with a degree in Dance. I personally chose to do a double-major in Hispanic Studies, which allowed me to travel to Spain and develop strong Spanish, bilingual skills, which are extremely useful in a global business market as well as in the performing arts.



A B.A. Degree in Dance is useless.



You can do A Lot with a degree in Dance! Many great dance companies start with dancers that attended the same college dance program. College dance programs offer you in-depth education on choreography, staging, production, and lighting, not to mention access to all types of dance training and performance opportunities with top dance industry professionals. And in my case, my company, Kiner Enterprises Inc., the 1st and only national dance teacher staffing agency in America, was born out of my experiences over the past 20 yrs, which college was a huge part of.

In the end, college may not be for everyone, based on finances, circumstances, or personal preference. This may especially be the case if you’re an aspiring Hip-Hop dancer or Ballerina. However, my advice is, do your research, pursue your passion, and figure out what path is best suited for you. Whatever you choose to do, always be proactive about growing in your specific field of dance, and learning the ins and outs of choreography, staging, lighting, and performing. And of course, always have a Plan B, and other skills to fall back on, as this business can be very challenging and inconsistent financially at times.

Lastly, don’t listen to the nay-sayers. You were born for this. Follow your dream, work hard, and the rest is history…


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