Wake-Up Call: Why Dancers Need A Mentor

Why do we stop learning? Why do we stop seeking help and guidance? Why do we think that we can make significant progress without help, and without continuing to invest in our professional growth, in a well-rounded way? Why do we simply admire the success and wealth of people in other industries, but never seek to learn and do the types of things they did to get there? Why do dancers believe that financial stability, prosperity, and financial freedom are for everyone else, but them? Why are we stuck in this cycle of, “I know I need to learn more about marketing, branding, social media, and business, but…..(fill in the blank).”


This has to stop. You are your own biggest obstacle. It’s time to wake up and smell the tiger balm. You have to step it up. Let me say that again, you have to step your game up. You can’t sit around waiting and wishing for a magical miracle to happen for you, or your dance company, or your organization. You have to step up, take action, and do something new, something different, in order to create a new life, and expand your career, expand your dance biz, and expand your financial potential and horizons.

I am so passionate about marketing, branding, and media,  I watch what people in other industries are doing, and how well it’s working for them, then I look at the dance industry, and I just shake my head. We are so behind the times. We really need to catch up.

We wonder why we ‘re not seeing the exponential growth that we should be seeing, with dance being in the spotlight, and being so popular in mainstream media. But we’re a part of the problem.  We talk and blog about all of the things we’re unhappy with in regards to the lack of funding for dance and arts education in the public schools, or the lack of paid dance performance jobs, etc. But what are we actually doing about it?


I totally get it. Years ago, I became frustrated with constantly being overlooked for dance jobs. I was also tired of depending on other people for my livelihood. Dance jobs come and go, and as a dance teacher, you don’t receive paid time off or medical benefits either. So I got sick and tired of being sick and tired one day and said, I’m going to build my own brand, that I will own, and I will take my power back. I started my own business, and started building my own brand, creating opportunities for myself, and most importantly, helping to empower other dance artists to do the same. But I didn’t do it alone. I read books, I did online courses, I participated in webinars, and I had (and still have) successful mentors to help me grow and help me learn.


So my question to you today is:


Who are you learning from?


Who are your mentors for learning about business, marketing, branding, and social media? Your current and former dance teachers may be great mentors for teaching you how to become an awesome performer or teacher, but they can’t help you grow a brand that is profitable, that is visible and popular online, and one that will be sustainable in today’s world of fast-changing technology and social media.



Who do you consult with to get professional feedback, direction, and advice on your website, your online presence, and how to turn what you do on a day-to-day basis as a dance artist, into increased revenue and income for you?  Who, in the dance industry, is giving you honest feedback on your projects, and showing you the potential for things that you may not even see, or have never thought of?


There is truly a disconnect for dancers, choreographers, and many artists in general, as it relates to the business principles that allow our art form to exist, to flourish, and to grow. So many of us have had awesome dance teachers, personal trainers, private dance lessons or coaching, and we recognize the value and importance of these mentors and training. But for some reason, unlike in other industries, we don’t recognize the importance, and the value of having a mentor or trainer to help us with our businesses, our dance companies, our marketing, our branding, and our online presence. This antiquated thinking is holding us back in a tremendous way.


It’s time for a change people.


Here’s how you can get moving in the right direction:


1. Get A Mentor Or Coach. You didn’t teach yourself how to dance, and you surely can not teach yourself all of the ins and outs of marketing, business, branding, and social media. And frankly, why would you want to? Learn from someone else’s experiences and mistakes, and get ahead of the game. It’s so important to have someone guiding you that is knowledgeable, honest, and has your best interest at heart. Get a mentor today!


2. Read Books & Blogs On Social Media Marketing, Branding, & Business. Reading books (and blogs) have literally changed my life since I was a kid.  I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for many of the books that I’ve read over the years. That phrase, “Knowledge Is Power” exists for good reason. Start reading books and blogs on subjects that you’re not knowledgeable in. Some great biz, marketing, technology, and social media related blogs that I recommend are: Social Media Examiner, Mashable, Problogger, and 2 Create A Website. Any book by John Jantsch, Mari Smith, Likeable Media, or Seth Godin, are also good places to start. Go!


3. Expand Your Horizons and Try Something New. I get it, you love to dance, teach, choreograph, etc. But let’s think bigger for a moment. How can you expand what you love to do so much in a way that will help you reach more people, get more clientele, travel internationally, and create multiple streams of passive, residual income? You’re going to have to try some new things. Don’t think of recreating the same career your dance teachers had. The world we live in today is completely different. You are capable of and able to do so much more now, because of innovation in technology and social media. Dance, and Think, Outside The Box!



Find someone who you can relate to, and who you can trust, that understands your struggles as a dance artist, and also knows about business, marketing, and branding, to help you take your brand, career, and financial life to the next level. Do it like your life depends on it. Don’t waste time trying to figure everything out yourself, and end up on a 7 or 8 year learning curve, when you could’ve made progress much faster with outside help or guidance.

You can not do it alone. I have not gotten to where I am today on my own. I have awesome mentors and coaches that are helping me every step of the way. They know much more than I do, and they are training me to reach new heights, and that’s what I want for you as well.


Are you ready to stop talking about change, and start making change happen? Get the help that you need in those areas where you’re not proficient, and get ready to make 2013 the best year of your life, and your career!!


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I Am A Dancer, Not A “Starving Artist”. I Am A Powerful and Profitable Brand.”

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