Dance Marketing 101 Series: Part 1- How To Master Your Marketing Message


I recently took part in a wonderful free video series by a woman who I consider my “virtual mentor”, as I have never met her in person, but she has been a great mentor to me online, through her work. Her name is Marshawn Evans, and she is a branding and reinvention specialist.


In her recent video series she talked about the importance of “Defining Your Why” for your personal brand or business. She discussed how people really connnect more with the story behind why you do what you do, rather than simply hearing the facts about what services or products you provide.


So today, I want you to consider the three most important aspects of your marketing, write down your answers, and start incorporating it into your brand’s marketing immediately. I will be practicing what I preach, related to this very topic, and making some significant changes in our company’s marketing message as well. I even re-wrote our mission statement, as part of our marketing revitalization.


#1: The Story Behind Your Brand


1) Define Your Motivation. Why did you start your dance company/dance business? Why are you so passionate about your brand? Think about what motivated you to start in the first place? What was your “A-Ha” moment? What desire did you have? What need in the market did you want to fulfill? The motivation behind me starting my company was, I really wanted to improve the quality of life for professional dancers, dance teachers, and entrepreneurs. I wasn’t satisfied with the constant struggle, inconsistency, and instability that we all have to deal with in our industry. I was motivated to make a change in our industry as a whole, and for myself. I wanted to meet a need that was there, help you take control of your life and career, and create the financial stability/professional success that you’ve always dreamed of, and that you deserve.


2) Define Your Mission. This is a tough one for many people, but it’s something that you should clearly define, in order to have the ultimate success in your brand’s marketing. Your mission is something that should be at the forefront of your marketing message, and will also serve as a reminder to you, to keep you focused on the true purpose of what you do everyday for your brand. It will give people a clear understanding of the heart behind your business, and help them connect with you on more of an emotional level. Here’s our mission statement:


“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for dance artists, dance entrepreneurs, and passionate people all over the world! We want to help you create the professional success and personal happiness that you’ve always dreamed of, by turning your passion and purpose into a profitable, and fulfilling lifestyle.”


3) Define Your Message (articulate the value that you provide). How will your service/product enhance the lives of the individuals who use it? How will it change their life for the better? Do you have proof of the value that you provide through testimonials? Clearly define what people can expect from your product/service experience, and get them excited about trying it. In marketing, it’s always great to have the facts and specifications of your product, but you should always have a message that caters to the emotions of your prospective customers/clients, because people spend their money for emotional reasons. Basically, people buy with their heart, not their head.


Your Homework: Write out your Motivation, Mission, and Message for your brand, and leave it as a comment below.


I will be happy to give you my feedback and help you to refine your mission and your message for maximum results.


We have a big announcement and a major shift that is happening with the Kiner Enterprises brand to share with you! Stay tuned for our big announcement on Wed., April, 11, 2012!


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