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We Dance, We Blog, We Live - Feat. 4Dancers.org - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

We Dance, We Blog, We Live – Feat. 4Dancers.org

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Because of the internet and social media, professional dancers, dance teachers, dance studio owners, and dance lovers alike have been able to share their love for dance online in so many unique and exciting ways. Dancers are such multi-faceted, complex individuals, passionate about our art form, and life in general. It’s great when we can share our passion for dance, and our experiences with millions of other people online. One of the ways this is done is through dance blogs.

There are so many great ones out there, that you will never get bored, and you will always be able to find some inspiration to keep you motivated in this business everyday. I will be featuring one of these wonderful blogs once a week.

The 4Dancers.org blog has some really wonderful articles that I love to read, and a series (which is my favorite) called “10 Questions With…”, where author, Catherine Tully, interviews dance professionals who are really making an impact in the dance world, and have become successful in their dance career. I was honored to be featured in this series earlier this year. Today’s featured interview is with, Rebecca King, a Corps De Ballet dancer with the Miami City Ballet. Rebecca is also a dance blogger, and shares her personal experiences on life as a Ballet dancer on, Tendus Under a Palm Tree. It is a very interesting and inspiring interview.

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