Fight Dance Poverty. Empower Dancers. Join The #FinanceYourDance Movement

It Takes Money To Survive and Thrive As A Dancer! #FinanceYourDance


Fight Dance Poverty. Empower Dancers.

Join The #FinanceYourDance Movement!

We can all agree that dancers are very passionate people. We believe in what we do, from the deepest core of our being, and we love it more than anything! It’s that love and passion that keeps us pushing through hard times, broke times, injuries, and other challenges. No matter what we face, we keep pushing through, because we are resilient artists, and individuals.

As a professional dancer/teacher/choreographer/dance entrepreneur, I am extremely passionate about, and dedicated to making significant positive changes in our industry. I’ve struggled so much over the years, and watched my fellow dance friends and colleagues struggle as well, and it’s just not right.

It’s Time For A Change!

What We’re Fighting Against:

– We Are Fighting Against A Life Of Poverty And Financial Struggle For Dancers.

– We Are Fighting Against A Lack Of Funding, Resources, And Job Opportunities For Dancers.

– We Are Fighting Against A Lack Of Knowledge On Successful Branding, Marketing, And Business Strategies For Dancers.

What We’re Fighting For:

– We Are Fighting FOR Your Lifelong Success And Stability As A Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Etc.!

– We Are Fighting FOR Your Financial Freedom, Financial Prosperity, And Financial Abundance!

– We Are Fighting FOR Your Education And Empowerment On Branding, Marketing, And The Business Of Dance!

Will You Help Us Win This Fight?

This week I met with several clients of ours who are dance business owners, choreographers, and professional dancers, with incredible business ideas, and a desire to grow their brands and realize their dreams. They all asked me the same questions:

– Where Do I Start?

– How Do I Get The Word Out About My Brand In A Big, Impactful Way?

– How Do I Get People Interested In What I’m Doing?

– How Can I Turn My Passion Into Profit?

– How Can I Earn Money, Increase Revenue, And Get Funding And Financial Support For My Business Or Brand?

Do You Have Similar Questions?

Here’s How You Can Join Us In This Fight:

1. Build Awareness. Our New Movement is called #FinanceYourDance. Let people know that you are now apart of this new initiative that will empower and educate dance artists and entrepreneurs in business, marketing, financing, and branding for your dance company or personal brand.

2. Share Your Knowledge. If you have strategies or resources that have worked for you in your dance career or business, please share them. Leave a comment below with your suggestions, and links to great resources you think we should all know about.

3. Let People Know We’re Here To Help. If you know of someone that has questions, or needs help related to branding, marketing, funding, financing, or the business of dance in general, please send them our way. They can visit our website, leave a comment on our blog, or e-mail us directly at,

4. Spread The Word. If you believe that dancers should not have to struggle financially throughout their careers, nor work multiple jobs, just to support their dance career, then copy and paste any of the statements below, along with the #FinanceYourDance hashtag, on Twitter, and Facebook, to spread the word about this movement. Get dancers fired up about improving the quality of life for dancers, once and for all. Copy and paste any of the statements below as a Twitter or Facebook update on your profile.


I am a dance artist. I am fierce, talented, & resilient. I deserve nothing but the best! #FinanceYourDance

I am a dancer, “not a starving artist”. I am a powerful & profitable brand. #FinanceYourDance

Just because I’m a dancer, doesn’t mean I have to be broke. I can pursue my passion, and be prosperous. #FinanceYourDance


Knowledge Of Business, Marketing, & Branding are a part of my everyday lifestyle as a dancer. #FinanceYourDance


I am learning more about biz, marketing, & branding, so that I can be fierce in dance, & in finance! #FinanceYourDance


Being broke doesn’t make you a true artist. Being financially free is for me. #FinanceYourDance

5. Stay Tuned For More Info. We plan to do a LOT around this #FinanceYourDance movement, which will involve online resources, books, teleseminars, webinars, and live events. If you’re not already on it, join our mailing list to stay in the loop, and join this movement!


Get Your Copy Of “The Finance Your Dance: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit” E-Book NOW!


You already know what to do right now. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter, and join the movement today!

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