Social Media for Dance Studios – A Tribute to The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory

Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory Photo

Today is Day 86 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, and there are only four days remaining in the challenge. But don’t worry! On the last day of the challenge, I will share an exciting announcement with you , and even after this challenge is over, I will continue to offer you lots of useful social media tips for your dance studio.

During the “My Dance Studio’s Real-Life Social Media Success Story” challenge, we featured seven wonderful dance studios, and their personal experiences with social media marketing for their business.

As my way of showing appreciation for them sharing their stories on this blog, I am creating special feature videos as a highlight to their social media success story! All of these videos will be displayed on my YouTube page as well. I created the videos myself, on Animoto, and I’m so excited to highlight these wonderful studios on this blog once again!  Special thanks to Suzanne Gerety of Dance Studio, for telling me about Animoto in one of her e-mail newsletters.

Today’s video features, The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory in New York City, a world renowned higher education institution for hip-hop dance pedagogy, repertory, and preservation.

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