I have experienced much success and growth financially through social media marketing, and I’d love to help you do the same!



I Specialize In:


– Strategic online marketing and branding campaigns

– Social media marketing strategies, implementation, management, and training

– Copywriting and editing

– E-mail marketing

– Online Video marketing

– Social media integration and analytics

– Blogging

– WordPress.org

– Problem-Solving

– Motivation, Personal Support, & Accountability


Building a compelling, powerful, and profitable web presence is no easy task, but it is absolutely possible with the proper guidance, knowledge, and tools. Your online brand should reflect your real-life success, your mission, purpose, passion, skills, and expertise. You have something very unique and special to offer, and it’s crucial that you get the most visibility possible for your brand.


Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunities that are at your fingertips, simply because your web presence and social media strategy are not up to par. It’s time for your web presence to explode in a way that attracts press and media coverage, new clients, job and business opportunities, increased income for you, and international recognition for your brand.

Today is your day for change! Let’s get started!


The  Social Media Audit & Executive Marketing Package


You will receive:


  • An extensive review of your online presence for image and brand consistency.


  • A Checklist with steps to position your website, online brand, and social media presence to attract press features, media coverage, more business opportunities, and earn more money.


  • A 30-minute private coaching session with action steps that you can implement immediately to increase your brand’s visibility. gain more supporters, subscribers, students, and clientele, and stand out from your competitors.


  • Solutions for how you can increase your income/revenue over the next 30 days.


  • Answers for your social media and website questions.


  • Clarity for your brand’s goals, direction, and vision for 2013 that will get you the results you want.


  • Support, encouragement, and accountability to help you reach your personal, professional, and business goals.


  • A Customized, 30-Day Marketing plan with daily and weekly actions for you to take to reach your brand’s most important marketing, branding, and financial goals.


  • Receive specific action steps to take each day of the month to drive traffic to your site, build beneficial relationships, and grow your business or personal brand.


  • Enjoy the peace and excitement of having a growing online community of brand ambassadors that Like, Share, and Buy!



E-mail me at, ashani@ashanimfuko.com to get started today, and please include the information requested below in your e-mail.

  • Your website and/or blog address.
  • Your contact information.
  • Your social media links.
  • Your top 3 goals for your brand in 2014.
  • Your top 3 biggest obstacles.
  • Your estimated level of comfort, knowledge and experience with social media and online branding, on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being completely clueless, and 10 being highly proficient, and extremely knowledgeable.



One-On-One Social Media Marketing Consulting/Coaching


  •   Get personalized assistance with setting up and managing your Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, blog, YouTube channel, Linkedin, and any other social media network.


  •   Get your questions answered, and get customized marketing and branding strategies to help you reach your goals, and exponentially grow your online fan base, followers, subscribers, and customers.


  •   Not sure what to post? Learn what to post on your social media updates, and what types of posts will get you the most Likes, shares, and increase your fans, followers, and subscribers.


  •   Feel empowered and excited after learning how to successfully interact on social media, and enjoy the benefits of growing your brand, by building relationships and connections with people all over the world, all on your own!


Specializing in:


– Strategic online marketing and branding campaigns  

– Social media marketing, management, and training

– Copywriting and editing    

– E-mail marketing

– Online Video marketing        

– Social media integration and analytics  

– Blogging

– WordPress.org

– Problem-Solving

– Motivation, Personal Support, & Accountability


How To Schedule Your One-On-One Private Coaching Session:

Step 1: E-mail me at, ashani@ashanimfuko.com and let me know what you need help with, and provide 3 different times you’re available to speak with me over the phone (or via Skype) this week.

Step 2: Receive a follow-up e-mail reply from me with my coaching questionnaire, and details on what to do next.


I decided to work with Ashani after years of following her on Facebook and Twitter. I had implemented most of her advice and felt I needed a few one-on-one sessions to refine my social media skills. Speaking with Ashani put my mind at ease and also made me feel like more in control of my social media skills. I now have an action plan that’s ready to be implemented and I feel my business is heading in the right direction. Ashani is not only knowledgeable but friendly, uplifting, and makes you feel inspired after every session. I am very grateful for her work and look forward to working with her more in the future. I would recommend all aspiring dance artists work with Ashani to ensure they are maximizing their options and creating successful action plans for their future.


Catherine Baggs New York, NY

Krystle Simmons Photo It was truly a blessing to become connected to Ashani Mfuko. I’ve been dancing as a soloist for more than 10 years and instructing youth in ballet, modern, liturgical, jazz and hip-hop dance. I was at a point in my career where I needed clarification and an extra push to achieve some personal dance goals. My coaching sessions with Ashani have done just that! From day one she was encouraging and transparent. Her resources and e-books have equipped me with the valuable information needed to pursue my dreams.

Krystle Simmons Chicago, IL

Julie Roick Photo


I decided to hire Ashani for some direction and planning for my dance class, Phusia. I felt overwhelmed by the idea of coming up with a plan and knew if I could just get one and execute it, I’d be better off. She delivered! I felt empowered and on track. Ashani was available, approachable and supportive. I felt like I was on task and she made sure I stayed on task. I was glad I needed to check in with her because it allowed me feedback and motivation to stay the course. Her words of encouragement still motivate me if only to see them on Facebook. Thank you!

Julie Roick Stowe, VT

Christina Ratatori

Finance Your Dance stuck out to me because it connected directly to dance. Ashani’s positive energy online attracted me to find out more. Her genuine and sincere personality gave me the confidence to sign up.

Since Finance Your Dance, my daily life is different. I start my days with affirmations and reading inspirations to begin on a positive note. The help and advice regarding social media for both my business and arts education group has been life changing. Thanks to how Ashani lifts me up and sends encouragement, while demonstrating the do’s of social media have inspired me to begin my own weekly tweet chat.

Christina Ratatori Milwaukee, WI

sarahjeankaye Ashani Mfuko and the Finance Your Dance Movement have drastically improved my connections in the NYC dance, aerial, and dance education world as well as taught me that I AM MY OWN BRAND. I have had tons of friends tell me I’d be a successful business owner, though the thought of ever owning that much responsibility and potentially financial burden scares me. Ashani made me realize however, I AM MY OWN BUSINESS! Since I have been involved in the Finance Your Dance courses, I have joined Twitter, Pinterest, & LinkedIn, gotten new head shots and brought my butt back to the classroom more often, and started networking online. I’m thankful that I now know Ashani Mfuko. She is a mentor who is priceless!

Sarah Jean Kaye Jersey City, NJ

Doris Mangrum Photo


I am sooo happy I met Ashani. These days, it is rare to meet someone who does what they say. Not only does she follow through, she does so with a smile and makes you feel very special in the process. When it comes to social media, I was clueless. She helped me get set up and continued to provide support after delivery. I highly recommend Ashani. She is definitely a jewel.

Doris Mangrum Los Angeles, CA



My life, business & spirit have been blessed and enriched through my connection with Ashani Mfuko. Ashani has been a mentor, friend and inspiration to me. We are miles apart but she carries an essence of compassion that lets you know that she is available to you. Her Mentorship & coaching have challenged my standards of professionalism. She has shown me how to work smarter and this in turn has improved my productivity drastically! Ashani equally understands the world of business and the dance industry. I would and do recommend her because she has the wherewithal to address your questions but even see deeper than the question. She is knowledegable, experienced & driven. Ultimately what I admire is her integrity and grit. Ashani Mfuko has been a divine connection and I am very thankful for it.

LaShanna Leonard Houston, Texas

I’m so grateful I reached out to Ashani Mfuko! Just had the most wonderful coaching session and everything seems so clear and simple now. Thank you so much for our session and for my homework! I will definitely be scheduling our next session very soon. 

Her help and expertise is exactly what I need, I can’t tell you how grateful I am. This is my year, yes! Thank you, Ashani


Anneliese Kappey New York, NY