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Why Facebook Is Not An Option For Dance Studio Marketing - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Why Facebook Is Not An Option For Dance Studio Marketing

Facebook Marketing for Dummies

I recently saw a post on Facebook from a dance studio owner who said that she picked up a ton of new students after activating a Facebook fan page.

Have you heard this type of Facebook testimonial from other dance studio owners?

Do you have a Facebook testimonial of your own?

I’m guessing you do.

Facebook Is Not An Option For Dance Studio Marketing. It Is A Must-Have!

I’ve been blogging and vlogging about the importance social media marketing for dance studio owners for over a year now, and many of you have dived into the world of social media to grow your dance studio. Then there are some dance studio owners, who are still dragging their feet a little due to lack of knowledge on how to effectively use Facebook for your business, lack of time, or maybe just a lack of interest.

Well, I have news for you, Facebook is not an option for your dance studio anymore. It’s a must-have! And believe me, you don’t want your competitor(s) to have a poppin’ (slang for really great, or awesome) Facebook fan page, while you have none.

CLICK HERE to see my video about the Top 5 Social Media Marketing Must-Haves For Dance Studios.

3 Great Tools for Engagement on Facebook:

Facebook Questions

The Facebook Questions feature is an excellent way to get real-time feedback from your dance students and parents on new classes, ideas for Summer programs and workshops, and more! You can even use the questions feature as a way to learn more about what non-dance related things your customers like, such as local restaurants, retail stores, etc., and use that information to do Facebook fan giveaways.
Facebook Questions is the in-house poll service from Facebook. Located at the top of your wall and below your profile pic, Questions lets you customize polls in a manner of ways. You can submit an open-ended question or click on the “Add Poll Options” tab to create a custom multiple-choice poll. Pro tip: You can link those responses to groups or individuals on Facebook by tagging the name with an “@” when you start typing. This is handy if you want to drive people to your various options. (Description via Mashable.com)

Facebook Events

The Facebook Events feature is also a great way to create a buzz about your dance studio’s events, and make it easy to spread the word on Facebook, through sharing on the oh-so-powerful, Facebook news feed. Create an event, and invite your dance students, parents, and teachers. When they begin to respond to the invitation, that activity will show up on their news feed for all of their friends to see.  Plus, they can invite their friends and family, and share it on Facebook too.

A Facebook Online Store Tab

Did you know that you can also add a store to your Facebook fan page? How cool would it be to sell your dance studio recital tickets through a tab on your Facebook page, where people have to first “Like” the page to purchase their tickets.  You could also do this with your dance recital dvd’s.  This would give you a clear and direct way to increase your fan base and visibility on Facebook, during recital season. This also gives you a way to stay connected with those friends and family members of your dance students who come to your end-of-the-year performance, without asking for their personal information, or soliciting them in any way.

Learn more about adding an online store to your Facebook fan page here, “4 Ways to Set Up a Storefront on Facebook”.

Let’s focus on one of the most powerful aspects of Facebook for a moment:

The Facebook News Feed.

The Facebook News Feed is your best friend as a dance studio owner. Why? Because it gives you access and visibility to your current fans, and to their friends and family, your potential customers.

For example, one of the dance studios that I teach at does a dance poster contest every year, with four different age groups. The teachers, parents, and students all get to vote on their favorite posters. This would be a great thing to share on Facebook. You could take pictures of some of the posters, and feature them on your Facebook page, as a reminder for everyone to vote for their favorite poster, or even as a way to encourage comments, and get feedback on what people like about the individual posters.

This is something that can be done with all types of photos and videos. Just make sure you tag your students, parents, and staff in the photos or videos, for maximum exposure on their Facebook news feeds.

As people begin to like and comment on the photos, your post gets more and more visibility on Facebook, through Edgerank, which means more fans and new customers for your dance studio. Photos and videos typically get the largest amount of Likes and comments, vs. regular text updates. People are more inclined to share a photo or video, rather than a text update.

Some examples of posts to maximize engagement are:

– Photos/Videos.

– Special discounts and early registration deals/codes, strictly for your Facebook fans (encourage your fans to share with their friends and family members.)

– Encouraging words, and motivational/inspirational quotes.

– Helpful articles from online related to dance, parenting, education, or other topics that might be useful to parents, and be something that they will want to share with their friends and family.

– Any blog post from DanceAdvantage.net.

– Great dance videos from Youtube, and of course from your own video library (dance competitions, recitals, etc.)

If you want to really make a statement, and stand out from your competition on your dance studio’s Facebook fan page, I highly recommend a custom Facebook landing page. Learn more about them in the video below. Check out our custom Facebook landing page, by visiting our fan page, and clicking on “Get To Know Us” (if you’re already a fan of our page). If you haven’t “Liked” our fan page yet, you will automatically see our custom landing page here.

YouTube Preview Image

Do you have a Facebook fan page for your dance studio? Has it helped you to gain new dance students, and spread the word about your dance studio? Please leave a comment about your experience with Facebook below.

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