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We’re In The News!

Ashani Mfuko, CEO of Kiner Enterprises Inc., with NY1 Arts Reporter, Stephanie Simon

What a day! First, I have the pleasure of being interviewed by the awesome NY1 Arts Reporter, Stephanie Simon, for a news feature on dance flash mobs.

Manhattan Local News Website, http://dnainfo.com

Then only a few hours later, I find out that our radio show’s 1-yr anniversary breast cancer charity event, is featured on the home page of Manhattan local news website, dnainfo.com! Definitely a memorable day!

DNA Info Reporter/Producer, Della Hasselle came to our event, spent time interviewing me, as well as some of the choreographers, and my previous radio show guests. She took pictures, video, and stayed for our entire performance! Thank you so much Della for writing an awesome article that truly captures the success of our charity event/1-yr anniversary celebration, and also highlights what The Kiner Hour radio show is all about.

Read the full article, and watch the video highlight here!

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