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The Top 3 Most Annoying Mistakes in Social Media for Dance Studios – Part 3 - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

The Top 3 Most Annoying Mistakes in Social Media for Dance Studios – Part 3

This is Day 73 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, and time for annoying mistake number three, in social media for dance studios.

#3  No Social Media Links on Your Dance Studio Website

There was a time when all you needed for your dance studio was to be listed in the yellow pages. Your dance studio name, address, and telephone number were all that needed to be out there. Then the internet came along and changed everything, and suddenly, you kept hearing all of this talk about how every business (including your dance studio) should have a website. Some dance studio owners dragged their feet either because, they just didn’t see the point or value of having a website, while others were simply reluctant to change and adjust to the times, and lastly there were those who just didn’t have the money or resources to create a website for their dance studio.

Fast forward ten years or so, and websites are the norm, and people assume that, if you don’t have a website, your dance studio doesn’t really exist. Not to mention, there are extensive online resources that offer you an opportunity to create a website for free. All you need to pay for is your domain name, which is not expensive by any means.

We’ve now officially moved past websites into the world of social media, and it seems like history is repeating itself amongst dance studio owners yet again. You have the same three groups:

1) Those who don’t see the point or value of social media. Watch this video to get a clear picture of the value of social media. Don’t feel like watching a video? Read some real-life social media success stories from dance studio owners themselves.

2) Those who are reluctant to change and adjust to the times.
You know that saying, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. Were you dragging your feet to create a website for your dance studio back in the day? Did you think that websites were a fad? Don’t be fooled twice, because you won’t have anyone to blame this time around. So get on board the social media train. It’s leaving the station as we speak.

3) Those who don’t have the money or resources to create a social media presence.
Well, last time I checked, it’s completely free to create a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, YouTube page, Linkedin profile, etc. So, lack of funds is not an excuse, and frankly, neither is lack of knowledge anymore. This blog has tons of articles about how to use social media to promote and market your dance studio. So, no excuses.

Now back to the topic at hand. You have your website, and after reading this article, you’ve created your social media pages. Now what? Have your web developer put the social media icons on your dance studio’s homepage, with links to your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. That way, you can stay connected with visitors to your website through social media, and hopefully convert them into new customers down the road. Also, keep your current students and parents up-to-date with what’s going on at the studio, in real-time. Plus, it’s a great way to get tons of people sharing your dance studio’s content online.

Stay current in today’s market, and don’t let your dance studio get left behind in the dust. Do it today!

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