The Pyschology Of Dancers With Clymene Baugher, On The Kiner Hour Radio Show This Sunday!

Photo: Clymene Baugher of Elisa Monte Dance Company. (Photo Credit: Roy Volkmann)

This Sunday, on The Kiner Hour Radio Show, Special Guest, Professional Dancer and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Clymene Baugher discusses how you can gain strength and reach your personal and professional goals, by first addressing your thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and feelings in a productive manner.

Clymene is currently performing with Elisa Monte Dance Company! See her perform this Spring! Visit for more information. Learn more about Clymene at Follow her on Twitter at,

Psychotherapy is an exceptional process, and can be intense and extremely meaningful. It is the active choice to make positive changes in your life; a journey that does not have to be done alone.” ~ Clymene Baugher

You don’t want to miss this show!

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