The Best Of The Kiner Enterprises Dancer’s Blog: 21 Articles Every Dancer Should Read

Whether you’re new to this blog, or have been reading it for years, these are some articles you should definitely read!


I decided to compile a list of some of our top blog posts, that I know are filled with valuable and inspirational information to empower you to reach your personal and professional goals. 


Just click on the article title below to go to the post that you want to read. You may want to bookmark this article, so that you can revisit it at a later time. Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Tumblr, so that as many dance artists as possible will have access these valuable tools and information.


The Best Of The Kiner Enterprises Dancer’s Blog:

21 Articles Every Dancer Should Read


The #FinanceYourDance Survival Plan: 5 Steps To Help Dancers Thrive In A New Economy

#FinanceYourDance: What Hurricane Sandy Means For Dancers and Dance Teachers

#FinanceYourDance: How Dancers Can Overcome “Starving Artist” Syndrome

How To Overcome Your Fears & Negative Thoughts

#FinanceYourDance: The Problem With Dancers And Money

Why Dancers Can’t Afford To Work For Free

#FinanceYourDance: The Top 5 Social Media Tools To Grow Your Brand

#FinanceYourDance : The Downside Of Dance Television Shows

#FinanceYourDance: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit (Part I)

The Secret To Success As An Artist Or Entrepreneur (5 Steps To Get You There)

 What Is The Value Of A Dancer? 12 Powerful Ways To Know Your Worth

The Top 10 Ways To Increase Funding For Your Non-Profit Dance Company/Organization

An Important Message To Young Dancers – Please Share

Online Branding For Dancers: How To Increase Your Visibility

5 Common Problems In Life, Career, and Business, and How To Solve Them

10 Lessons Dancers Can Learn From Steve Jobs

The Dancer’s Top 7 Secrets To Financial Freedom

For Dance Teachers: How To Resign From A Dance Studio Without Burning Bridges

The #1 Killer Amongst Dancers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs, And How To Overcome It

The Top 5 Ways To Build A Rockin’ Brand Online

The Top 5 Secrets To Negotiating A Raise At Your Dance Studio


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