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How To Show Your Dance Teachers Appreciation Through Social Media for Dance Studios

On Monday I wrote about using social media as the #1 communication tool for your dance studio. For today, Day #26 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios, I’d like to share with you a few ways you can use social media to also show appreciation to your dance teachers. You might ask:

Why should I use social media to show appreciation to my dance teachers?

1) Because dance teachers, in general, tend to feel under-appreciated.

2) Because it’s a cost effective way to strengthen the relationship you have with your dance teachers, by showing them how valuable they really are to you.

3) Because it’s a great way to highlight the wonderful things about your staff members, thereby highlighting the wonderful aspects of your dance studio.

Depending on how many teachers you have at your dance studio, you can determine how often you will do this activity. For argument’s sake, let’s say that you do it once a month, during the school year. So, once a month, you would announce on your Facebook page, Twitter page, and your blog (if you have one), that it’s “Dance Teacher Appreciation Week”, and you will be highlighting some special things about Teacher X all week long. Make it fun and encourage your students and parents to post their favorite stories or qualities about that particular teacher, and you can also share interesting things about that particular teacher’s background. Here are some great ideas to show your teachers appreciation through social media:

– Post your favorite things about the teacher.

– Post a little background information about the teacher that people may not know i.e., where they were born, what age they started dancing, what their favorite style of dance is to perform/teach.

– Post short testimonials from that teacher’s students, and other staff members.

– Post if that teacher has performed in a Broadway show or tour.

– Post if they have performed with or choreographed for a well-known artist.

– Post if they’ve won any awards or competitions.

These are just some examples for you to choose from. However, you’re welcome to get creative, and maximize your social media experience by using it as a way to show appreciation to all of the wonderful dance teachers at your dance studio, and highlight what your dance studio has to offer its students. For more ways to show appreciation to your dance teachers, read, “5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Dance Teachers”.

For more in depth tips and techniques on using social media to promote and market your dance studio, please join the #1 online social media success resource center for dance studios, http://kinerdancestudiosuccess.com.

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