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Support Dance New Amsterdam Through Social Media

Day 49 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios

Today’s post is about a wonderful dance studio in lower Manhattan that needs our help. Dance New Amsterdam is a very well-known dance studio in New York City that many of us love, and is an integral part of the New York City dance community. They have been in a battle with their landlord and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services over issues with their commercial lease in a city-owned building. They are now facing eviction within the next week.

I would ask that you sign a statement of support today, and help keep DNA alive! This is one of the wonderful things about social media. We can share information at a very fast rate, and support our fellow dance community members in a big way. Please share this information on all of your social media pages, and let’s make an impact and let New York City know that Dance New Amsterdam is here to stay!

Click here to sign a statement of support.

Click here to read a message from Executive Director, Catherine Peila.

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