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Social Media Etiquette for Dance Studios – Part 3 - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Social Media Etiquette for Dance Studios – Part 3

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Day 79 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios…

Today is part 3 in this 4-Part mini-series. To read parts 1 and 2 of Social Media Etiquette for Dance Studios click here.

Social Media Etiquette Rule #3

Do Not let Your Social Media Accounts Collect Dust.

When was the last time you updated your dance studio’s Facebook page? Twitter page? YouTube page? Are your social media accounts collecting dust?

When you’re first getting started in social media marketing for your dance studio, it’s understandable that you may not be as active as another business who’s been doing it for 6 mos. or a year. However, this is no excuse to allow your accounts to be inactive for an extended period of time. The best way to avoid this, is to set a social media update schedule.

How to Create a Social Media Update Calendar:

Step 1 Determine what days/times are most convenient for you to post updates, share information, and comment on other people’s posts, and make that your daily social media marketing time. To start, you can dedicate 40 mins. to an hour to social media, on a daily basis. You may also want to determine and observe what time of day you typically get the most interaction on your social media pages (typically during business hours), and continue to post around that time frame. I also recommend spreading your updates out throughout the day, so as to not overwhelm your readers, and also to reach various people who may be online at different times of the day. More on this in step 3.

Step 2Figure out what types of things you’d like to post. New classes at your dance studio, registration info, a YouTube video from your page, customer testimonials, some interesting dance industry news, trivia, fun questions, or quotes, are all great options. For more suggestions on what to post on your social media pages, click here. To learn some important tips on how to engage your dance students, parents, and teachers through social media, read this article.

Step 3Schedule your updates. I am a huge fan of Hootsuite because you can literally, set it and forget it, when it comes to your social media updates. With Hootsuite, you are able to schedule your updates in advance, which is very convenient because, while you’re doing all sorts of other things throughout the day, your updates go out automatically on a schedule that you choose. This is pretty cool. Don’t forget that you can update more than one account at the same time, by connecting them to each other. That way, an update to Facebook can automatically be sent to Twitter, Myspace, and Linkedin as well, if you so choose.

So now you see that social media does not have to dominate all of your time, and that there is no excuse to allow your social media pages to collect dust, and become inactive. Choose to be consistent in your social media marketing, and begin to enjoy the fruits of very little labor today!

I’d love to hear what you thought about this post. Please leave me a comment below, and share it on your social media pages.
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