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Recap Part 2: 16 Tips To Get Dance Sponsors And Press/Media Coverage - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Recap Part 2: 16 Tips To Get Dance Sponsors And Press/Media Coverage


Here is Part 2 of our recap of 16 Tips on how to get sponsors and press/media coverage which were shared first on our #letstalkdance radio show, and then again on our weekly #letstalkdance Tweetchat.

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How To Get Dance Sponsors And Press/Media Coverage


Tip 1: Build & establish your own brand,credibility, & audience,to be attractive to sponsors,partners, & the press. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #2: When soliciting sponsors, research which brands align w/ your values, mission, & message. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #3: When contacting sponsors, send professional photos, your resume, a personalized cover letter. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #4: Show sponsors how you can benefit their company, & increase their brand awareness. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #5: Sponsors want press & media coverage as part of the deal. Have a PR & marketing strategy in place. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #6: Always display integrity when partnering w/ sponsors. Honor their requests/expectations. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #7: Think like a reporter. Have an angle to your story that they can pull from. #FinanceYourDance


 Tip #8: Have a clear message for your brand, so people know who you are & what you’re about within seconds. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #9: Hire a professional to help w/ your PR, marketing, & branding, so you can focus on what you do best. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #10: Never send large files to press via e-mail without their request. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #11: Use press releases to share your brand’s milestones. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #12: Be aware of the difference between strategic PR, and Seasonal/Event PR. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #13: Press coverage can increase your search engine optimization in a big way! #FinanceYourDance


Tip #14: Make sure your online presentation i.e.w website, photos, videos, are professional quality. #FinanceYourDance


Tip #15: Build a brand that adds value, has a powerful message, & a passionate audience… #letstalkdance‬


Tip #16: Once you’ve done Tip 15, you will attract the attention of the press, sponsors, & the media. #letstalkdance‬
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