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New Tools for Dance Teachers

I am a dance teacher, choreographer and former studio owner. My
husband and I have spent the last 2 years creating DANCE DESIGNER a
unique software program just for us!! There are over 50 features to
assist with creating staging, rehearsing and documenting all styles of
dance. My favorite features allow you to see your STAGING animated and
SYNCHRONIZED in real time to your MUSIC, notepad and video.
Everything is saved in one file on your computer. No more lost or mixed
up pages. With one click of a button you can add counts to your music,
and now it is easier than ever to EDIT your music BY “COUNTS” you can
also drop and label markers, and speed up and slow down your music
WITHOUT CHANGING PITCH. There is a tiny remote control (the size of a
credit card) that works with the program. You can create reports for
your students of notes of the dance, print storyboards for you tech
crew, and even make cd’s for your students with your vocal instruction
added!! I can’t wait for you all to check out the program at
http://www.ChoreoPro.com ; You can download a FREE 15-day TRIAL I would
be happy to answer any questions. My email is
carriburbank@choreopro.com I hope you will help us spread the word!!
Dancers telling dancers is the best advertisement!!

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