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My Dance Studio’s Real-Life Social Media Success Story – Feat. Uptown Dance Studio - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

My Dance Studio’s Real-Life Social Media Success Story – Feat. Uptown Dance Studio

Uptown Dance Studio Photo

Day 81 in our 90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios…

Today is the final installment in our “My Dance Studio’s Real-Life Social Media Success Story” series, as we begin the countdown to the end of our  90-Day Social Media Success Challenge for Dance Studios. I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Today’s dance studio feature is, Uptown Dance Studio, located in Belleville, NJ. Uptown Dance is a family owned and operated Studio in Belleville NJ. Pat and Leslea Clark (Director, and Assistant Director, respectively) teach several forms of dance to all ages, pre school through adult. They are celebrating their 19th season this year! I had the pleasure of meeting Leslea on Facebook, and have since learned some really great things about her, and  Uptown Dance Studio.

Assistant Director, Leslea Clark, witth Uptown Dance Studio Student

At Uptown Dance they teach their students to appreciate dance as an art form, an outlet, and a way to express themselves freely. They have a nurturing, non-competitive environment which allows students to have fun and be themselves. I recently read a comment from one of their students on Facebook. This is what it said….

“Uptown Dance is the best place in the world….if you ever have a bad day you can go and you will have your friends there to make your day bright…..we are all a big family that will help each other when they need it…….I Love Uptown Dance. ♥”

Krystin Gussie

They are clearly doing something right! Check out their social media success story…

1) What type of marketing/promotion did you do for your dance studio before getting involved in social media?
We took out ads, passed out flyers, and counted on a strong following from “word of mouth”.

Uptown Dance Studio Photo

2) What social media outlets are you currently using to promote your dance studio? (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)

We use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Merchant Circle, Ning, and Blogger.

3) What’s been the biggest change at your dance studio since getting involved in social media marketing?

This biggest change is, more of a connection with our students and parents. We feel “connected” at all times. Parents do not hesitate to ask me a question on our Facebook wall, and students feel more open to converse and comment on happenings at the studio.

Uptown Dance Photo

4) Why do you think social media is a great way to promote and market your dance studio?

Its great because it keeps us connected as I said before. It also creates a buzz. For example, I post a rehearsal video on Youtube of my students, and shortly thereafter, we had parents and students commenting and getting excited about what we are doing. It also brings potential new students to our studio. For example, Shelly sees Ann’s comment on a video she is in, watches that video, and becomes interested in our studio. The experience of a dance class becomes more real to Shelly, and she then wants to join the fun. There is no way you can get the same experience from an ad in the paper, or a flyer you see in the local super market.

5) Did you originally have doubts about getting involved in social media for your dance studio? Why? How did you overcome that initial hesitation?

Believe it or not, I had zero doubts, and thankfully I have not had a negative experience with this process.

Special thanks to Leslea for taking the time out to share their social media success story, and for closing out this series with a bang! I hope you guys enjoyed this weekly series. Please leave a comment below, place your vote, and share this post on your social media pages.

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