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Misty Copeland On What Makes An Artist An Artist - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Misty Copeland On What Makes An Artist An Artist

Misty Copeland - Professional Ballet Dancer at The American Ballet Theatre

We recently posted this video of Misty Copeland on our Facebook fan page, but we found it to be so inspirational, that we wanted to share it in a blog post. Misty shares her thoughts on Ballet, on what it truly means to be a “dancer”, and the type of dancer she respects the most.

“It’s not about seeing a pretty line, or an insanely arched foot, but I think that most of my favorite dancers don’t even have all of that. But they’ve taken what they have, and they’ve made it into this incredible thing, and it makes them a dancer overall, and not about their body parts. You can find a pretty body anywhere, and put them in a position, but what makes an artist  an artist, or a dancer, is what they make of all of that on stage, and bring to the audience.” ~ Misty Copeland

Get ready to see some beautiful Ballet dancing, and hear some very inspirational words as well. And of course, please share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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